Every Fortnite v21.40 map change: Lazy Lagoon, Dragon Ball house, and Tilted Towers 2.0

Zackerie Fairfax
fortnite map feature image

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 just released its fourth content update making a few notable changes to the map. Here’s every new location in Fortnite.

The v21.40 update finally brought the Saiyans of Dragon Ball to Fortnite, and they have certainly made an impact already. From new cosmetics to in-game weapons, players have a lot to look forward to with this update.

And in classic Fortnite fashion, the new content also includes a few notable map changes. In fact, there are three POIs that players can visit following the August 16 update.

Lazy Lagoon returns

The first new Fortnite POI is actually a returning fan favorite. Replacing the Daily Bugle, Lazy Lagoon’s pirate-themed cove is back for the first time since Chapter 1. It remains relatively similar to its former self, but with a few Reality Trees instead of the traditional palms.

Fortnite lazy lagoon

Kame House from Dragon Ball

The iconic pink house sat on a lone island has made an appearance in Fortnite in light of the Dragon Ball crossover. Kame House is found on the eastern edge of the map beyond the ruins of the giant Foundation statue.

Fortnite kame house dragon ball

Tilted Towers 2.0

Fortnite Season 3 started with Tilted Towers once again being left as a pile of rubble. But Epic Games promised it would return as soon as fans built their own versions on The Block 2.0. The community has voted and now new structures are in Tilted Towers bringing back life to the fan-favorite POI.

fortnite tilted towers 2.0

There are also several minor changes to the map. The Reality Tree’s roots are spreading across the island, the lighthouse has some new visitors, and Bulma can be found as an NPC on the map.

But if that’s not enough Dragon Ball content for your liking, make sure to check out how to watch Dragon Ball Super on the big screen in Fortnite.