E3 2021: New Starfield trailer reveals 2022 release date


The Xbox segment at E3 2021 is arguably one of the most anticipated of the year, and before the show even started new information on Bethesda’s first original game in a decade — Starfield — started leaking out, including an official release date. Here’s everything we know.

Starfield, like we mentioned, is Bethesda’s first original IP in more than a decade, and while there’s already plenty of hype, we still don’t know a whole lot about the mysterious outer space-based game.

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Set hundreds of years in the future, Todd Howard definitely seemed exited introducing this one, and if the actual game looks anything like the trailer, we can understand why.

Just before the Xbox/Bethesda segment kicked off on Sunday, June 13, a brand new, never before seen trailer was leaked that revealed the release date as November 11, 2022 — and confirmed it would be available on the Xbox Game Pass from release.

Now, what we saw at E3 and a bit before doesn’t tell us too much more than we already know, but it does give us a look at some ships in the universe, and the name “Constellation” which could be the player’s vessel.

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We only saw in the Xbox Series X|S and PC logos for Starfield in the trailer, which means it won’t be available on Playstation, and during the presentation it was confirmed as an Xbox exclusive. Sorry, Sony fans.

That’s all the info we have for now, but be sure to check back as we’ll be updating this piece with every bit of news and information that comes out about Starfield from E3 2021.

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