Dr Disrespect hits out at “brain dead” critics of NFTs in games like DEADROP

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect looking at camera in front of Call of Duty lobby

Streaming star Dr Disrespect hit out at “brain dead” critics who believe that NFTs and digital collectibles don’t have a place in video games as excitement around his DEADROP title ramps up. 

When NFTs and Blockchain technology became a talking point for the whole internet, it didn’t take long for them to find its way into the gaming scene. 

A number of developers, including Ubisoft, revealed that they were working on NFT-centric games, but that was met with plenty of backlash from gamers. Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society was another who noted that the technology would play a role in their vertical extraction title DEADROP

Naturally, The Doc has been pretty defensive about his game and has repeatedly shouted down critics who have taken issue with the early looks they’ve gotten at it. 

Dr Disrespect blasts critics of digital collectibles in games

Well, he’s been on the offensive this time around, taking swipes at “brain dead” critics who believe that the technology doesn’t belong in games. 

“Imagine trying to ‘extract’ with an item you discovered worth $100,000 on the chain. Think about entertainment value as a viewer let alone player. A new pvp experience is upon us…,” The Doc tweeted.

“The concept of digital collectibles in an online game is so exciting to me. Especially an extraction type of game. People saying scam and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead headline followers. Same people that spend a ton on skins for an annual release game. Same skins everyone has too.”

The Two-Time also pointed to the fact that items held on the blockchain could, also, have “functionality” in a completely different game that releases years later. 

He even delivered a personal message to another “idiot” who tweeted hoping that The Doc was “better” than adding NFTs to games. 

As noted, DEADROP will utilize digital collectibles in that players who have helped build the game with ‘founder status’ will have unique skins.

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