Asmongold hits back at Dr Disrespect calling NFT game critics “brain dead”

Asmongold and Dr Disrespect side-by-side talking to cameraAsmongold/Dr Disrespect

Twitch star Asmongold hit back at Dr Disrespect labeling critics of NFTs in games as “brain dead,” suggesting that cheaters could run rampant in his DEADROP game as a result. 

The debate around NFTs and digital collectibles in gaming has been raging for a while now, especially as some developers are trying to place them front and center in their own games. 

Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP title is one of those that are going down this route, as ‘founders’ will have their own unique skins once the game launches, after already having early access to the playable ‘snapshots’ of the game’s progress. 

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As a result, The Doc has been passionately defending the choice to use digital collectibles in-game, most recently bashing “brain dead headline followers” who have been criticizing the blockchain technology. And now, he’s got a new opponent in the form of Asmongold. 

Asmongold responds to Dr Disrespect over “brain dead” NFT critics claim

The OTK founder responded to The Two-Time’s tweet during his March 7 stream on his zackrawrr channel, claiming that if people have the opportunity to take high-value items, they’re just going to cheat. 

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“Okay, let me counter this. I don’t think that people want to have every aspect of their gaming experience commodified to the extent that everything that they obtain and earn, and the fundamental of the game, is built around a dollar value,” he said. 

Asmon also pointed to his own longstanding experience with World of Warcraft where players can get unique items but can’t sell them on. 

“Also, by the way, if I was playing a game and I knew that I could kill somebody and get a $100,000 item, you know what I would do? Cheat. I would cheat,” he added. 

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The Twitch star claimed that it’s “just not going to work” if players are able to just make new accounts and base themselves in countries where they couldn’t be punished for taking the items.

It certainly is something that The Doc and his Midnight Society team will have to look into, especially as he’s already talked up the idea of having items move across games.