Dr Disrespect can’t stop laughing as $100K Tfue Tuesday loss leads to hilarious roast

Dr Disrespect laughing on streamYouTube: DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect couldn’t hold back the laughter as CouRage and TimTheTatman brutally roasted his YouTube stream’s production value after a shortlived run in Tfue’s $100K Fortnite event.

As one of the first major Fortnite tournaments of the year, 25 teams of pro players and high-profile content creators were invited to the $100,000 Tfue Tuesday competition on February 7. Among the squads competing was the powerhouse lineup of Ninja, CouRage, TimTheTatman, and Dr Disrespect.

Despite their positive vibes, however, the run was short-lived as the influencers crashed and burned right from the tournament in under an hour

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Soon after the spectacular failure, all eyes shifted to Doc’s broadcast, as his teammates noticed something rather amusing. The iconic YouTube streamer had gone to the trouble of creating custom assets just for this one-off Fortnite event.

From a personalized comic-style graphic mirroring the event and calling it ‘Turbo Tuesday,’ to a brand-new animated transition just for his stream, Dr Disrespect had clearly gone all out.

All of this just to be done with the tournament in a matter of minutes. Naturally, this led to another playful roast from CouRage and Tim.

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“Someone in chat goes ‘the thumbnails for this tournament took longer than the performance of the team,’” Tim conveyed, setting everyone off in a chain of laughter.

“I just opened Doc’s stream and his background behind him is Turbo Tuesday. A whole comic book artwork made… custom artwork. You’ve gotta go see this,” CouRage said, struggling to string the words together as he held back even more laughs. “And we’re done in an hour. That graphic took longer to make.”

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Not even Dr Disrespect could hold it in after that as the group laughed hysterically over his immense production values.

“There was more time that went into the production of the graphics than we lasted in the tournament,” Tim joked before Doc hilariously took some accountability for it all.

“It’s on me,” Dr Disrespect admitted, still trying to pull himself back together after the amusing outburst.

Obviously, Doc is no stranger to high production values. Often, his streams go the extra mile in customizing the experience depending on the game or event. From unique overlays and polished thumbnails to hand-crafted transitions, his VFX team is often looking to push the envelope.

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In this particular instance, however, it’s clear their ambitions were a little too big as the team’s performance couldn’t quite live up to expectations.