Diablo 4 players disappointed with “loneliest” multiplayer game yet

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 characters teaming up

A lack of basic online multiplayer features is leaving Diablo 4 players feeling isolated. They think that the game is “lonely” and are having trouble remaining engaged.

The thrill of completing quests and conquering games alongside friends and new acquaintances is an unexplainable feeling. It harmonizes gaming communities and brings people close together. Diablo 4’s gameplay mechanics and setup encourage users to get together and take down swarms of demons.

Although, that would be the case if it wasn’t for the myriad of multiplayer omissions, according to Diablo 4 players. Outlined by many of the player base, the RPG title appears to be devoid of some of the most basic multiplayer staples, leading to players citing Diablo 4 as a game overlooking crucial social aspects.

While the game isn’t an MMO, it uses a perpetually online, shared world model, similar to games like Destiny. That means that while you’ll often see other players, they are busy going about their individual business, something that makes them just feel like scenery after a while.

all diablo 4 classes around campfire

Diablo 4 lacking essential multiplayer social features

“Anyone else feel like this is the loneliest multiplayer game ever?” asked one down-hearted Diablo 4 player who believes that Blizzard needs to incorporate some easy-to-add elements to improve the game’s social, and multiplayer, functionality.

“I know it has been mentioned before but I’m starting to realize a lot more just how lonely this game is. You can’t really interact with other players much to make friends naturally in-game, no one speaks much because the chat is horrible, no LFG feature means I can’t just hop into a group with others easily when my friends aren’t on like I could in D3 to at least have people around. World events outside of bosses or legions are basically ghost towns where I occasionally see one other person,” they said.

The OP also added that they are “having trouble staying interested in content I have to slog through over and over solo” and it’s remarkable that “these social aspects [are] being overlooked.”

One Reddit user commented: “Mindboggling [that] D3 and DI have group finding but this game doesn’t,” and another person added to that: “Diablo 2 had a group finder feature and that’s what 25 years old? I’ll consider D4 a multiplayer game when its technology catches up to that of D2.”

Another D4 player explained: “You’ll occasionally team up with a player or two and beat a really hard elite, and then once that’s done, people will go their merry way. It’s fun as a co-op game with friends, shooting the sh*t while mindlessly clicking away, but that’s about it. The MP aspects are functional but bland.”

It should be pointed out, the devs are 100% listening to the community. Already, they’ve announced that Sorcerers will be getting buffed and changes have been made to Treasure Goblins and the Butcher. It seems more will have to be done though if they want to maintain to retain many D4 players and discourage them from quitting like Asmongold did.

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