Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins and Butcher get much-requested changes

Samantha Giambra
treasure goblin in diablo 4

After weeks of memes in regard to Treasure Goblins dropping lackluster items, the Diablo 4 devs have announced they will now drop at least one Legendary item 100% of the time.

Treasure Goblins are quick and nimble creatures in Diablo 4 that players have to chase down and kill to get what should be loot worth the effort.

Recently, many jokes have been thrown around about inflation affecting the Treasure Goblins. It appears Blizzard heard the cries of the fans and will be changing both the Goblin’s and Butchers Legendary drop rate to 100%.

Diablo 4 Butcher and Treasure Goblin changes

In a recent Campfire Chat stream from the Diablo 4 devs, players took note of several balance and mechanics changes in the works for the upcoming 1.1.1 patch.

Alongside these changes comes the announcement that chasing down a rabid Treasure Goblin will no longer feel as empty. They will now drop at least one Legendary item once defeated.

As for the Butcher, it can appear randomly throughout dungeons and is an absolute beast to take down. The feeling of being pummeled and not reaping the rewards fans felt necessary was a huge downside to the fight.

In a recent Reddit post, several fans commented on the 100% Legendary drop chance changes coming to Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1.

One comment reads, “Bro I had a treasure goblin appear during a world boss fight and he dropped nothing. So glad it’s getting buffed.”

While another stated, “So much focus on legendary items in stream, most of the time i rather want a good yellow and choose the aspect. EDIT: NVM I’m just stupid.”

Once players hit level 15, Treasure Goblins will begin dropping Legendary loot once killed. On the other hand, you can start receiving a Legendary from the Buthcer once conquered at Level 35.