Dead Space creator responds to being left out of remake

Andrew Highton
isaac clarke confronted by necromorphs in dead space remake

The upcoming Dead Space Remake looks to capture all that made the original so utterly terrifying, but one element of the game that won’t be returning is the involvement of creator Glen Schofield.

Dead Space first broke onto the scene back in 2008 with a chilling and fear-inducing horror experience that inserted players into the unfortunate shoes of Isaac Clarke. Glen Schofield was the game’s creator and Executive Producer and was the genius behind many of the game’s spine-tingling sights and sounds.

Skip forward a decade and the original is now being remade from the ground up using a lot of the base material but expanding upon it in even more grizzly ways. However, for whatever reason, Schofield has not been asked to oversee or even be a part of the Dead Space Remake development process — leaving him to feel “bummed about it.”

isaac clarke walking down hally way in dead space remake
Will there be any new horrors lurking down the ship’s corridors?

Dead Space Remake to have new creative direction

As with all remakes, Dead Space will retain a ton of the original game’s identity, this will include keeping the story pretty much the same. It will still be Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Ishimura, staving off the constant threat of Necromorphs and finding out why the ship succumbed to the threat.

Schofield has commented on the game’s remake and aired his thoughts to GameInformer (through IGN) on his lack of involvement in the project: “I took [the announcement] as a compliment. I still do take it as a compliment. I’m still kind of bummed about it too. There’s this weird, weird thing, like you’re not attached to your own game,” Schofield told Game Informer. “It’s a weird feeling. […] They want to make a game better than the one you made.”

It seems like Schofield was never asked at any point to join the game’s development or have any say in its direction.

Admirably, he seems to harbor no resentment and finished off by saying: “I do wish them well because I want to see the franchise live: that’s where I want to be. I want to play it. I want them to do well. I’m glad the franchise is now given a second life.”

comparison of original dead space and dead space remake
The power of technology is going to make the Dead Space Remake feel even more alive, for better and for worse.

Schofield has since helped to found Sledgehammer Games, the creators of multiple Call of Duty titles, and is currently working on a new horror game called The Callisto Protocol.

As for the Dead Space Remake, life will go on without him, and it seems like the devs are ensuring that his work remains a classic with the game now set for a new release date.

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