Dead by Daylight’s Trapper is one of the girls — he gets vault bugs too

Abigail Shannon
Trapper from Dead by Daylight

Female survivors in Dead by Daylight have consistently been plagued by bugged vaults. However, as this hilarious Trapper clip shows, they’re not alone.

Dead by Daylight players have been vocal in their displeasure about reoccurring bugs in female survivors’ vault animations. Far from girlbossing their fast vaults, fans claim that female survivors are slowed and that their mid-vault hitboxes are functioning inaccurately more often than their male counterparts.

With the problem rearing its head a number of times since it was first recorded in August 2023, it’s safe to say that those whose mains are women are starting to feel done dirty by Behaviour. Some have gone so far as to joke that the bug is “sexist” but others have said that a far more valuable motivation would be to thwart Feng Min mains.

Dead by Daylight’s “buggy” vaults target Trapper

Now, it appears that the Trapper has joined the ladies in their struggle. Although the killer has a tad more whimsy to his bug. In a video uploaded on X, a DBD fan @v1rtualblight shows game footage of Trapper vaulting across a window. Those on their voice chat then erupt in laughter as the movement distorts the killer’s legs into a shape akin to a tiny turkey leg.

The X user joked that Behaviour had given a new animation to Trapper. However, the awkward hook-like shape that his leg bends into is obviously far from intentional.

The players in @v1rtualblight’s lobby weren’t the only ones who got a kick out of the warped visual, with one user replying, “This might be the funniest DBD bug I’ve ever seen.” A number of players have suggested the bug could be related to the upcoming Naughty Bear Trapper skin, given the cartoonish proportions of the character.

While bugs in Dead by Daylight have been irritating for fans, this one is harmless and entertaining, so it appears to get a pass for now. The only question that remains is how long will it be until we see ‘baby leg Trapper’ fan art?

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