Naughty Bear terrorizes Dead by Daylight with new skin for Halloween

Brianna Reeves
Naughty bear dead by daylight

In the spirit of Halloween, Dead by Daylight’s Trapper character can now be turned into Naughty Bear, the murderous teddy bear from the 2010 action game.

The eponymous Naughty Bear debuted in the PS3 and Xbox 360 era in an adventure that depicted an island inhabited by peaceful teddy bears. Naughty Bear acted as the outlier, though, causing trouble that resulted in the other bears shunning him.

Encouragement from an unseen narrator led the titular character on a murder spree. Notably, Naughty Bear hasn’t been seen in over a decade following the release of Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise.

But hope peaked over the horizon earlier this year when developer Behaviour Interactive announced the killer bear would return in Dead by Daylight. The wait for such a day is officially over.

Naughty Bear is now available as a cosmetic in Dead by Daylight

On October 31, Behaviour let Naughty Bear loose on the world of DBD. Players who pick up the content in the DBD store can dress The Trapper character in the Visceral Legendary Naughty Bear Outfit and even make use of a brutal new Mori.

Of course, this means users will also get to wield the not-so-lovable teddy bear’s machete. See it all in action in the Naughty Bear Collection Trailer below:

While Naughty Bear’s return is surprising, it feels less so when remembering that Behaviour created the Naughty Bear IP when it was releasing games under the Artificial Mind & Movement name.

DBD’s Product Manager, Kirby Taylor, noted as much in a blog post, saying, “This is a fun trip into Behaviour’s history.”

This marks the latest of Dead by Daylight’s exciting crossovers. Earlier this year, the game introduced content based on the likes of Nicolas Cage and Alien. Strangely, a chaotically evil teddy bear seems right at home.

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