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Complete list of Godfall trophies revealed for PS5

Published: 9/Nov/2020 18:03

by Andrew Highton


The furious, hack ‘n’ slash action game from Gearbox has plenty of loot for you to forage for. It also has a large selection of enticing trophies for you to scoop up on the way too. Our list of Godfall trophies, on the PS5, offers details on each one.

Games these days are all about longevity and giving players value for their money. So it’s fitting that Godfall’s trophy list obeys this mantra perfectly. The title features a staggering 46 trophies for trophy-hungry gamers to feed on for some time.

The extensive list is populated by many accumulative trophies. Many long-term accomplishments that will require repeated kills of particular enemies or eviscerating the opposition in a variety of ways.

Here is the list of Godfall trophies for the PS5.

A character in godfall looking at someon
Counterplay Games
The face of someone when they realize how much there is to do.

Godfall trophy list

Highlord of Aperion Earn all available Trophies for Godfall
Solaris Defeat Solaris
Zamora Defeat Zamora
Lunara Defeat Lunara
Grieves Sunsteel Defeat Grieves Sunsteel
Gilden Knight Defeat Gilden Knight
Macros Defeat Macros
Slayer Defeat 2000 enemies
Salt the Earth Defeat 200 Vargul
Shatter the Bastions Defeat 200 Crimson Wind
End the Deep Ones Defeat 200 Abyssian
Pierce the Heavens Defeat 200 Nyak
Punish the Traitors Defeat 200 Blacktide
Master of Elements Inflict an Ailment 300 times
Disciple of Alaz Ignite an enemy 100 times
Frost Brand Chill an enemy 100 times
Stormbringer Shock an enemy 100 times
Child of the Earth Poison an enemy 100 times
The Razor’s Edge Bleed an enemy 100 times
Kosmera’s Embrace Curse an enemy 100 times
Ultimate Warrior Activate Archon Fury 40 times
Shield Captain Hit an enemy with Shield Throw 200 times
Archon of War Perform 100 Takedowns
Versatile Warrior Perform a Polarity Shockwave 100 times
Dervish Activate Inner Focus 100 times
Dragoon Perform a Polearm Weapon Technique 100 times
Sword Saint Perform a Longsword Weapon Technique 100 times
Berserker Perform a Greatsword Weapon Technique 100 times
Earthshaker Perform a Warhammer Weapon Technique 100 times
Defender Parry 100 attacks
Deflector Parry 30 projectiles
Soul Reaper Soulshatter an enemy 500 times
S-Rank Duelist Hit 200 enemy Weakpoints
Assassin Perform 40 Deathblows
Egalitarian Defeat 75 Elite Enemies
Hunter Defeat 40 Mid-Bosses
Armor of the Gods Pick up 30 Valorplate Cores from Fallen Soldiers
Scavenger Pick up 250 pieces of equipment
Awakening Pick up a legendary piece of equipment
Gold, Silver, and… Pick up 100,000 electrum
Raider Open 50 chests
Gatherer Collect from 50 Motherlodes
Geared Up Pick up 5 legendary pieces of equipment
Keymaker Earn 200 Keys in Tower of Trials
Rise Up Reach trial 10 in the Ascended Tower of Trials
Ascendant Reach trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials

As you can see from the host of numbers, there are many enemies for you to slay. So make sure you’re tracking how much you’re using each type of weapon to reduce the potential grind.

The newest outing from Counterplay Games is due for release on November 12, only on PS5.


How to get Shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go

Published: 17/Nov/2020 21:50

by Paul Cot


Meltan has always been tricky to get hold of in Pokemon Go but with the recent connectivity of Pokemon HOME there is now an additional way.

On top of the new method, which we’ll cover below, Shiny Meltan has also come to Pokemon Go. It is one of the many features of the special Pokemon HOME event.

This is the debut of Meltan’s Shiny form so it would be wise to try and get hold of it while you can. It could be a while before it returns following the event.

Meltan Mythical
Meltan is actually a Mythical Pokemon!

Mystery Box through Pokemon HOME

Many of you will know that Meltan primarily appears through use of the Mystery Box. Well now there’s another way to get hold of said Mystery Box.

When you link your Pokemon Go and Pokemon HOME accounts, you can earn one Mystery Box every week. So, when the week long countdown is over, you now have the option of sending a Pokemon over to the Nintendo Switch or Pokemon HOME to reactivate it.

If you haven’t used a Mystery Box before when you do so it will work similarly  to using Incense. The only difference will it will lure lots of Meltan instead.

This effectual lure will last for one hour and if its during an event where Shiny Meltan features, which it currently is, there will be a slim chance of finding that coveted Shiny.

Special Research

One of the other methods of getting Meltan in Pokemon Go was alluded to above. The addition of Pokemon HOME means you can now send Pokemon there to activate the Mystery Box.

Beforehand you could only send a Pokemon over to the Nintendo Switch. You can still do this today if you’re not using Pokemon HOME yet.

The final method is through Special Research. The Let’s GO, Meltan Special Research will let you encounter one Meltan upon completion. Unfortunately it is just one which seems harsh for the amount of tasks you have to do.

Currently this is the only Special Research which includes Meltan but there could always be more coming in the future. For the meantime it is best to stick with the Mystery Box because you get the chance to catch a lot more and on a more regular basis.