The ultimate Godfall weapons, classes & equipment guide

Andrew Highton
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Godfall is an exciting, loot-based hack ‘n’ slash coming to PS5 and PC. The fantasy game will feature fast, explosive combat. In order to make the most of it, we’re going to tell you about Godfall and its weapons, classes, equipment, and combat in this one guide.

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Godfall has garnered less attention than some other big AAA titles. But, it looks just as comparable in terms of technical polish, vision, and scope. The game is developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software – a big name indeed.

Using a system similar to that of Destiny and Borderlands, Godfall provides many weapons and armor sets – called Valorplates. Each piece of equipment will be rated according to the game’s quality system, and this creates the player’s foundation. So we are going to run through the different weapons you can equip that will help build your class.

Here is everything we know so far about Godfall and its weapons, equipment, classes, and combat.

Weapons in Godfall

For every mission, you’re allowed 2 different weapons in your loadout, so it’s best to choose wisely on how you want to kit yourself out. It’s crucial that you pick weapons that suit your playstyle, rather than just the ones that are the most powerful. Having a powerful Greatsword and Warhammer might not provide the best versatility for your style, for example.

Every weapon has a level, meaning that your character will need to meet the requirements of that weapon before you are able to commence using it.

Furthermore, crafting materials will be available throughout the game to increase the power of your weapon. It’s entirely feasible for you to keep the same weapon all the way through the game.


The polearm in Godfall
The Polearm

Intended for use at range to give you that freedom to maneuver the battlefield.

If you prefer to have some space between you and the enemy, then is the weapon for you. It naturally gives you more time to dodge if an attack comes your way as well. The Polearm can also be launched with great force like a Javelin at the enemy.

The only downside is that the weapon’s damage output is reduced, in order to compensate for the polearm’s appealing range.


The longsword in Godfall
The Longsword

Arguably the most balanced weapon selection in Godfall.

This is for the player that doesn’t like to be too far away. But, it’s also for the player that doesn’t like to have the enemy’s breath on them.

The Longsword is the perfect weapon for beginners of the game, and are very neutral in regards to their stats.

As a result, the only negative is that it has no outstanding positives – which isn’t a bad thing.


The greatsword in Godfall
The Greatsword

A two-handed weapon that can deliver devastating strikes.

The Greatsword offers some excellent damage opportunities and is a bit quicker than the more powerful Warhammer. It can also cover a decent range too.

It’s probably better to have the Greatsword be paired with something a bit quicker, as like anything that has high damage-per-second, it sacrifices speed for outright power.

Dual blades

The dual blades in Godfall
The Dual Blades

Comfortably the most agile and nimble weapons of the 5 different classes, the Dual blades flourish in one-on-one combat scenarios and easily take down weaker targets.

They may also be a great option to finish off enemies quickly after inflicting colossal damage with one of the game’s more powerful weapons. Therefore, they make the perfect accompaniment for something like the Greatsword or Warhammer.

One obvious drawback of these smaller weapons is that they are considered the weakest weapons in the game.


The warhammer in Godfall
The Warhammer

This two-handed armageddon is the most powerful weapon in the game and can be hugely beneficial in ending battles before they’ve even started.

They have less range, meaning you’ve got to be a bit closer than normal – but it’s worth it. It would probably go well with the Dual Blades. This will likely become the preferred selection for more advanced players over time.

Predictably, the Warhammer suffers in the speed department. Due to its hulking nature, it’ll take longer to swing, but if you land the blow, it will be devastating.

Godfall Equipment guide

The shield in Godfall

The next stage of our Godfall weapons, equipment, classes, and combat guide is equipment – very essential.

Godfall offers plenty of depth in its weapons and potential synergies for combat. But as well as this, the player also needs to have the appropriate gear to compliment the weapons being wielded. In addition to weapon drops, there is also the player’s trusty shield to use too.

There are also a number of different armor sets called “Valorplates.” These are not customizable, but instead are are complete ‘sets’ that you unlock throughout the game.


A sword’s best friend.

The ever-reliable blockade to deflect attacks is definitely useful in Godfall. It’s use is a lot more open-ended than in typical games, becoming a weapon as well as a defence mechanism.

On one hand it’s a great tool when used in conjunction with longswords, however, it’s also an effective long-range weapon that can be thrown and instantly ‘boomeranged’ back to the player.

It’s also capable of parrying and returning counterstrikes, and other special moves, making the Shield a trusted ally for almost any situation.


Godfall features a combined total of 12 different Valorplates that you can unlock and equip. These are unlocked naturally as you progress through the game and are not loot drops. Each set is also loyal to its own, meaning you can’t mix-and-match different sets to create custom loadouts.

These are the different sets you can unlock, that we know of so far:

  • Silvermane
  • Phoenix
  • Greyhawk
  • Hinterclaw
  • Typhon
  • Vertigo
  • Mesa
  • Aegishorn

Archon Ability

Counterplay Games has confirmed that each Valorplate will possess its own individual characteristics. Alongside this, Valorplates will also provide a passive ability and a special “Archon ability” – a big, charged-up ‘super’ move.

Augment Slots

These slots allow for some minor customization of the Valorplate, as you can alter the armor’s stats – increasing defense for example. These are small gameplay enhancements that, again, will let you shape your playstyle to suit your needs.

Godfall’s combat system

Godfall combat overview
Learn about the mechanics to use in the game.

It’s all well and good having the best weapons in the game, but if they can’t be swung effectively in the heat of conflict, then it all but nullifies their capabilities. Here are some of the better ways to approach combat, and things you need to know about how the combat system in Godfall operates.

Instant reload

Thanks to the awesome power of the PS5’s solid-state drive, any death screen is brief.

Sony’s official blog states: “If you fall in combat, get right back up with near-instant loading times. We built Godfall to challenge players, and you likely won’t conquer every encounter on your first attempt. We want to ensure that death never feels like a punishment to players but instead becomes an opportunity to learn and grow as a Valorian Knight.”

Quick dodge

Just to be clear, Godfall is NOT a reserved combat game that favors methodical fighting. This game is all-out.

The quick dodge is befitting of the game’s faster pace and allows your warrior to zip around the environment quickly. You can put together several quick dodges in succession to avoid a flurry of attacks, and wait for the right moment to make your move.

Weak points

It’s not just about piling on the damage, as precise, well-timed damage will reward you better.

The game has advertised “weak points” as a key component of battle. As you become familiar with enemy types, and what they can do, you’ll also learn where to hit them hardest. This in turn makes for more tactical gameplay and if used correctly, could make things easier for the player.

3-Player Co-op

Godfall supports seamless “drop-in, drop-out” co-operative multiplayer.

Similar to games such as Destiny, the player is able to join forces with friends or other gamers, and take on the world of Godfall. Obviously, this is a great mechanic that promotes teamwork and increased longevity, but you can also have 3 players with different load-outs that make for an unstoppable team.

An extended look at combat

If you’d like a look at the game’s gameplay, then check out this official gameplay walkthrough from Counterplay Games.

It explains the combat, how it works, and some tips on how to become efficient.

That’s everything we know about Godfall and its weapons, classes, equipment, and combat. Hopefully, this guide helped, and we’ll be sure to update you in the future when any new information becomes available.