Bethesda reveals Starfield map details, plus big win for Xbox Series X/S

Andrew Highton. Last updated: Nov 03, 2020
Starfield logo on a ship

The next blockbuster RPG to come from Bethesda Game Studios finally has some new information. Starfield has been in development for some time now with no information to speak of, until now. Howard Todd – Director of Bethesda – recently did an interview where he revealed details about Bethesda’s plans, Starfield Map Details, and Xbox content.

Bethesda’s first intellectual property in over 25 years has had nothing concrete known about it until now. The only thing Bethesda fans had to go off was that the game was going to be made and released before The Elder Scrolls VI.

But thanks to an interview at the Develop:Brighton 2020 conference, some juicy details are now available to dissect, including if the game is a single-player or multiplayer experience, the size of the game, and much more.

Space in Starfield
Much mystery surrounds the game.

What is it?

Starfield is another RPG, similar to Bethesda’s successful Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises. Only Starfield will be a complete Sci-fi adventure.

One of the big takeaways from Todd Howard’s interview is that it will be a completely single-player experience. There’s no mention if it will have any form of online crossover e.g. Fallout 76. But it seems like the game will be a more traditional solo experience.

How big is it?

From the sounds of it, Starfield is going to be a gargantuan game. Howard revealed that the game has between four and five times the number of developers working on it as they’ve had for previous games. This includes Skyrim and Fallout 4 – which are already large games as it is.

In a nutshell, Starfield’s area is expected to be bigger than Fallout 76’s map. Cities in Starfield are apparently going to be even bigger than ones from previous games too.

The game should also receive a nice technical upgrade too. Starfield will be operating on an updated version of the Creation Engine. This should alleviate some fears that it will look a bit outdated like some their most recent RPGs.

When is it coming out?

Howard was hesitant in giving any indication as to when we can expect to see anything from it, as Bethesda doesn’t want any major details, or footage, being shown-off until Starfield is a lot more concrete and closer to completion. This is expected, especially given the less-than-stellar reception Fallout 76 had to endure.

Xbox Game Pass

Whenever Starfield is released, it will be a day one launch title on Xbox Game Pass. This is to be expected given Microsft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda. If you didn’t know, Xbox did confirm a $7.5b deal for Bethesda. Although it’s not clear whether or not the game is going to be an exclusive title.

The only information that we can take with a degree of certainty is that Starfield will still come first. The Elder Scroll VI is still a big project of course, but Starfield is the priority.

Interview with Todd Howard

If you’d like to check out the full interview with Todd Howard, then you can watch it here.

Time stamp – 30:12

We’ll update you as we find out more information about Starfield.