Best Marvel Snap Black Panther decks

marvel snap black pantherMarvel

Marvel Snap Black Panther is finally here as T’Challa makes his debut in the fast-paced digital card game. Here are all of the best decks for Black Panther including cards from Pool 1, Pool 2 & Pool 3.

Season 6 of Marvel Snap is here, nicknamed Warriors of Wakanda, bringing the fictional country into focus.

Along with the new season comes a new card, Black Panther. Black Panther is a 5-cost card with 4 Power that doubles his power On Reveal.

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Black Panther is a strong card that can fit into many different decks. Let’s show off what the best decks to slot him in are for the new season of Marvel Snap.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Black Panther

One of the best decks for Black Panther has been the On Reveal deck featuring some familiar faces.

Playing Angela early on is a must, as well as saving Killmonger for when your opponent has played all of their 1-drops.

black panther deckMarvel
Black Panther On Reveal deck in Marvel Snap.

In the later turns, look to drop Odin either where Black Panther or White Tiger has been played for maximum value.

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Another solid deck to build around Black Panther is a Buff deck that utilizes Okoye and Nakia to beef up your other cards.

marvel snap black panther deckMarvel
Black Panther Buff deck in Marvel Snap.

Look to get Wong on the board and play Black Panther to maximize his Power. Like the previous deck, you’ll want to play Odin where Black Panther was played.

This next and final deck is a bit wild, but it also can work incredibly well as a Destroy deck.

Use Carnage and Venom to destroy your Sinister/Nova/Forge to create maximum value. Then, look to drop Death down to her cheapest value, and Arnim Zola your highest Power card on the board.

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marvel snap deck 3 black pantherMarvel
Black Panther Destroy deck in Marvel Snap.

Although this deck seems difficult to pull off, it has a lot more options than it may seem. It just requires a few Pool 3 cards which are hard to come by.

If you are looking to make even more decks outside of utilizing Black Panther, check out our Best Marvel Snap Decks and the Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1.