Best Code Vein builds to suit every playstyle

Sam Smith
Code Vein builds

Code Vein offers a deep RPG experience but its build mechanics can be a little overwhelming for new players, especially those new to Soulslike games. Here are the best builds we’d recommend.

Code Vein was Bandai Namco’s answer to Dark Souls, but with vampires and in the style of a lush anime cartoon. The game is so much more than a mere Souls clone though and its character-building mechanics are surprisingly deep and intricate.

But like most RPGs worth sinking a hundred hours into, the mechanics can be confusing at times. The hardest part is understanding the game’s lingo and figuring out how to adapt your character to your own preferred playstyle.

While this all clicks in time, by then you may have committed to a character you regret. Here’s how to build a character that matches your style of play and one you’ll want to stick with until endgame.


Code Vein builds characters
Some refer to Code Vein as Vampire Souls – This is no bad thing.

Understanding Code Vein’s mechanics

Before you can plan your build the first thing you’ll need to do is understand the game’s terminology. While combat is similar to other Souls-style games in terms of the basics, Code Vein has its own unique quirks and lingo.

Gifts, for example, is the term for the game’s Magic and Skills. This includes buffs, spells, and special moves that can be used in and out of combat. Skills use up Ichor, which is essentially the game’s version of mana/magic points and can be tracked in the bottom-right side of the screen. In some cases, Ichor is also used as ammo for certain skills.

Code Vein uses things called Blood Codes to let players create their own custom classes. Players start off with 3 basic Blood Codes, Fighter, Ranger, and Caster, but can gather more throughout the game. As an example, those looking to build a tank character can prioritize the Fighter Blood Code but can tailor this to their own style with others later.

The Fighter Blood Code is your typical melee style, while the Ranger focuses on the Bayonet weapon primarily. Naturally, the Caster blood code is designed to make the most use out of Gifts in combat. The game allows you to switch between Blood Codes on the fly, leveling them up as you see fit.

This allows the player to create their own individual builds but beware – flitting between too many means you’ll never really commit to or excel at any particular discipline. Therefore, it pays to choose a primary build path and tailor it as necessary. Basically, don’t become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Code Vein builds gameplayCode Vein features some satisfying and gory combat.

Code Vein, Blood Veils

While armor and other wearable gear in Code Vein work like any other game, Blood Veils are a little different. Equipping a Blood Vale provides defense like any other piece of gear, but their main purpose is to provide buffs to Gifts.

They can be gathered throughout the game through chests, defeating enemies, or rewards for completing quests/chatting to NPCs. Blood Veils are helpful when it comes to bolstering a certain build which is why we’ve included them here.

Remember, the below builds offer a foundation focused on Blood Codes, Blood Veils, and weapons/spells of choice. When it comes to gifts there are many that will work with each build, but too many to name them all per build type. Therefore, we’d recommend using Gifts that seem logical and complement your build choice. Or Gifts that naturally buff your personal style should you experiment with different sets.

Code-Vein-builds cover
Vampires are the good guys in this story.

Melee Builds

For those who want to get up close and personal – but with added extras.

Build Blood Code Blood Veil Weapon Notes
Immortal Blade Isis/Fionn Blood Veil or GXL Defender Two-handed swords Combat tank build
Queen’s Gambit Queenslayer Noble Silver One-handed swords Powerful sword build that makes use of stun effects
Adrenaline Rush Scout, Queenslayer first Noble Silver Halberd Powerful and fast melee build
Jenovas Wrath Queenslayer Noble Silver Blazing Claw DPS build
Cerdeath’s Glass Cannon Queenslayer Noble Silver Argent Wolf King’s Blade Burst damage build
Belial’s Blood Lancer Queenslayer Noble Silver Halberd Damage/mobility combo build
Bloodletter Build Queenslayer, Ranger first Night Claw/Noble Silver The Enduring Crimson Also the best dressed optionIvory
Queen’s Hammer Queenslayer Noble Silver Huge Hammer Bash away
High Damage Queenslayer Venus Claw Crimson Longsword Level sword mastery
Code Vein gameplayPlayers can tailor their vampire to their liking.

Ranger/Bayonet Builds

For those who want to pick their enemies off from a distance.

Build Blood Code Blood Veil Weapon Notes
Poppy Shot Queenslayer Ivory Grace Bayonet Use The Libertador for the most benefit
Gunner Orion Orion Venus Claw Brodiaea Get from Lord of Thunder DLC
Vampire Sniper Harmonia Ivory Grace Bayonet Use The Libertador for the most benefit
Purge the Heretics Scathach Ivory Grace Bayonet Flamethrower ability
Code Vein Vampires
Allies are an important part of Code Vein’s gameplay

Caster Builds

Those who prefer the wizarding way.

Build Blood Code Blood Veil Weapon Notes
Dark Mage Harmonia, Caster first Blackblood Liberator N/A All-rounder mage build
Sword Spam Summoner Queen’s Throat Ivory Grace 2x Sunset Sword Devour Fast Casting
Venom Mage Darkseeker Suicide Spur Iceblood Fast Casting Dark Mage with Poison for Utility
Harmonia All or Nothing Boss Killer Harmonia Ivory Grace N/A Spell spammer build
Light Spell Barrage Isis/Ishtar Ivory Grace/Noble Silver Devour/Iceblood Close range light-based caster, with multiple setups

Support Builds

Builds to buff/support allies in combat.

Build Blood Code Blood Veil Weapon Notes
Frosty Support Eos Noble Silver Iceblood/Libertador Defensive buffs for survivability
Deliverance Tank Ishtar Noble Silver Argent Wolf King’s Blade Tank Lethal Damage for Allies and Keep them in the Fight

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