Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 2: Hobgoblin, The Infinaut, Killmonger, more

marvel snap pool 2Marvel

Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 2 include some meta-defining cards like Hobgoblin, The Infunaut, Kilmonger, and a few more that will help you climb the ranked ladder with ease.

Marvel Snap Pool 2 may be the smallest collection of cards to unlock at just 25 cards in total, but it includes some of the most powerful and crucial to building a solid deck.

Pool 2 grants players many more technical cards than Pool 1, as the game starts to open up new archetypes and strategies to obtain a victory.

Here are all of the best Pool 2 cards in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap best Pool 2 cards

Below are a handful of the best cards that come from Pool 2.

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Hobgoblin is one of the most fun cards to play in the entirety of Marvel Snap. Playing this dastardly villain places him in the opponent’s location, which explains why his power is -8.

Hobgoblin in Marvel Snap.

Make sure to play him at a location that won’t be filled up with cards on that turn, as if it is, Hobgoblin will stay on your side of the location if there’s nowhere for him to go.

The Infinaut

This beastly 6-drop requires an entire deck to be built around him, as he cannot be played if you played any cards on turn 5.

the infinautMarvel
The Infinaut in Marvel Snap.

This major drawback is the reason Infinaut has an ungodly 20 Power attached to him. If your opponent didn’t play anything on turn 5, chances are, they’re gearing up to drop The Infinaut.

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Killmonger is one of the hardest counter cards in the game, as he destroys every 1-cost card at every location when revealed.

Killmonger in Marvel Snap.

Once you unlock Killmonger, it’s hard not to run him in every single deck as he is absolutely crucial to winning games against Kaazoo decks.


Jubilee is a 4-drop with 1 Power that plays a random card from your deck at the location she’s played at.

Jubillee in Marvel Snap.

The X-Men member is dangerously powerful when she pulls out cards like The Infinaut and Hulk. Look to drop her at Kamar-Raj, where On Reveal is triggered twice.


Although Sunspot is countered fairly hard by Killmonger, he still has the chance to snowball games if not dealt with properly. He’s a 1-cost card with 1 Power that gains Power per Energy gone unspent each turn.

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Sunspot in Marvel Snap.

Try to get Sunspot out on a neutral location as early as possible so that you can start racking up the extra Power for him as early as possible.

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