ArcheAge 2: Trailer, gameplay, platforms, more

ArceAge 2 characters with logoXL Games

Developer XL Games has announced ArcheAge 2, the sequel to the successful MMORPG from 2013. Here’s everything we know so far about ArcheAge 2, from gameplay features to when it could release.

There’s nothing quite like the sheer immersion that comes with an MMORPG. Titles like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV have garnered incredibly strong player bases, many of which still log in regularly to this day.

When XL Games released ArcheAge back in 2013 it become an instant hit, racking up millions of players over the last decade or so. Now, the developers have announced that a sequel, ArcheAge 2, is in development.

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We’ve put everything we know so far about ArcheAge 2 into one handy guide.


Is there an ArcheAge 2 release date?

There is currently no exact release date for ArcheAge 2, but XL Games have said that fans can expect it to arrive sometime in 2024.

The game is clearly still early in development, but there are currently more than 100 developers working to bring it to life.

ArcheAge 2 platforms

ArcheAge 2 is in development for both PC and consoles, meaning that, unlike the first game, PlayStation and Xbox players will also have access to the game.

There is no word yet on whether or not the game will be current-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) only, or if it will support crossplay across all platforms.

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ArcheAge 2 gameplayXL Games
ArcheAge 2 will make use of Unreal Engine 5.

ArcheAge 2 gameplay

ArcheAge is looking to retain many of the gameplay features that made the first game unique, while also expanding upon them. There will be a vast open world to explore, and XLGames CEO Jake Song said in a recent interview with that the team are looking to offer “non-linear progression” with a focus on players discovering stories for themselves.

Combat is set to play a major role once again, with plenty of AI enemies to defeat around the world, including dragons, as well as a PvP element. Trade runs are also returning from the first game, and can be enjoyed alone, in teams, or as part of a raid this time around.

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Another returning system is the housing feature, meaning players will be able to freely build their own homes in any eligible spot in the world. But, devs are going one better in ArcheAge 2 by allowing players to live in towns with their friends and offering more customization options.

Little else is known about the gameplay in ArcheAge 2, but there will likely be even more features revealed in the run-up to launch.

ArcheAge 2 trailer

The first trailer for ArcheAge 2 dropped on November 17, 2022, giving us our first look at the world, combat, and some of the systems at work. Check it out below:

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