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Apex Legends player discovers insane underwater hiding spot on Storm Point

Published: 17/Dec/2021 0:21

by Alec Mullins


An unbelievable hiding spot on Storm Point is letting Apex Legends players channel their inner ninja by letting them vanish under the game’s vast bodies of water. 

Storm Point has a ton of crazy hiding spots for players to use and abuse. While a few of them — like the hidden room inside the walls of Antenna — are already being patched out, the Apex community has wasted no time finding new replacements.

Those previous spots were serious enough problems on their own, but this new addition to the roster might be the worst one yet, as it allows players to vanish into thin air and still shoot at opposing squads.


Insane Apex Legends hiding spot makes players nearly invisible

Respawn Entertainment
This is the only area on the map that gives players this type of advantage

The spot in question is in the waters between The Mill and Cascade Falls, close to the southern rock wall of Checkpoint.

Entering into a specific patch of the river will not only partially obscure your character model, but also remove the water from your field of view entirely.

This allows players to watch the movements of their enemies without ever giving themselves away.

From this spot, it’s possible to shield up, shoot back, or just take a breather as the inevitable hunt rages on in the surrounding area.

Kamiyo confirmed that enemies can still see anyone hiding in this spot, they simply have to be looking extra hard to find them: “The enemies can still see you, you are just under the surface of the water because you duck down.”


One player was ready to put the trick to use right away but was scared of any potential repercussions: “This is Nutts, can you get banned for doing this in ranked? Asking for a friend.”

Respawn has been increasing anti-cheat measures in the game as of late, but given that this is the result of a visual bug when crouching under the water, it’s unlikely to get anyone banned.