Sneaky Wraith trick turns Apex Legends Gravity Cannons into death traps

. 7 months ago
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Wraith has been the sneakiest character in Apex Legends since the game’s launch and Storm Point’s Gravity Cannons are only enhancing her signature ‘kidnapping’ maneuver. 

Anyone who has played Apex Legends is likely familiar with Wraith’s Dimensional Rift ultimate ability and how it allows teams to cover huge swaths of the map in a blink of an eye.

That’s not the only use the ability has, as skilled players have found plenty of ways to use the Voidwalker’s tethered portals to capture unaware enemies and bring them back into the arms of a bloodthirsty team.

That technique has been innovated once again thanks to the Gravity Cannons on Storm Point.

Sneaky Wraith trick turns gravity cannons into death traps

Wraith stood by a portal in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s portals were already good for kidnapping players but adding a Gravity Cannon to the mix makes it a next-level option.

For the trick to work you only need to activate Wraith’s ultimate while in the air after using the cannon.

Once you’ve hit the ground, isolate a target and place the portal a step in front of them in the direction that they are moving.

This takes some practice, as the accelerated movement speed of the cannon will burn your portal out quickly, but getting it right will result in your enemy being dropped helplessly to the ground while you use them as target practice.

While nava94’s example is an extreme one, it shows off the power that this combination has when properly used.

One user joked that the execution of this trick was so good that it was bordering on criminal behavior: “Sir that’s illegal in 37 states.”

Another player added that heaving a Horizon ult into the party could make this completely unsurvivable: “Did this once and teammate chucked a [Horizon ult] onto the poor guy when he tried to run…”

This is just one of many reasons that Wraith has found herself at the top of the pick-rate charts once again in Season 11.

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