Anthem: Best ways to earn coins quickly – Alliance system, Campaign, and more

This guide will show you how to get coins fast in Anthem. There are two kinds of currency in Anthem and they are used for different purposes. Read on to find all about Anthem Coins, Shards and how to get more of them.

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Types of Currency in Anthem


Shards are how you spend real world money in Anthem and can only be used to unlock cosmetic items, like new Javelin armor suits and materials.

Shards are microtransactions, they can only be earned by spending money.


Coins are the in-game currency of Anthem and can be earned through gameplay. You can use Coins to craft new weapons and gear, as well as unlocking the same cosmetic items as Shards.

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Bioware starts you off with 40,000 Coins in Anthem, but with the rarest Javelin sets costing 60k and up, you will need to get more coins quickly.

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Best ways to get Coins fast in Anthem

The Alliance system

Anthem was built to be a social game with friends, so it makes sense that your friends are the key to earning Coins fast. While a member of an Alliance, you and your friends will earn additional Coins for simply playing the game!

You can start an Alliance in Anthem with your friends, however the game will also autofill an Alliance for you. There is an additional multiplier for playing with people on your friends list, so don’t rely on the autofill unless you have to.  Head over to Lucky Jak in Fort Tarsis to see who is currently in your Alliance.

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While doing anything in Anthem, make sure you have a friend with you and keep your Alliance filled with active members. Depending on how often you play, the Alliance can earn you and additional 2,000 to 3,600 Coins per week.

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Anthem Campaign

Anthem has a pretty good campaign, and fortunately it is also a great way to earn Coins. You can earn up to 2,000 Coins per mission, however you will only be able to earn the full amount after the first time you complete a mission.

You can also earn Challenges during campaign missions, which will grant an additional few thousand Coins. Path to Glory, a similar version of Challenges, can be found in the same menu tab and will also reward Coins upon completion.

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The best way to get Coins in Anthem is to play the campaign with an active friends Alliance while completing Challenges and Path to Glory trials. You should be earning over 20,000 Coins per week the first few weeks of playing.

Once you beat the Campaign, you can still find activities that will lead to guaranteed Coins.

Head into Freeplay and look for Public Events, completing those will reward you with around 2,000 Coins and can also work towards your Challenges and Trials.