Amazing Among Us concept makes Smash Ultimate characters the imposters

Georgina Smith
Smash Ultimate characters recreated in Among Us
Twitter: Kocakup

A talented artist on Twitter has perfectly combined the popular game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and unexpected 2020 sensation Among Us, by recreating almost every character from Smash into little imposters, going viral as a result.

Among Us has been the breakout out game of this year, despite actually releasing two years ago in 2018. The social deduction game’s minimalistic art style and simplistic gameplay has captivated fans across the world, surpassing 85 million downloads on mobile alone.

The adorable little spaceman characters have certainly been a hit, and many fans have been combining Among Us with their favorite games to see how the mechanics of the social deduction game would work on other platforms.

One YouTuber HYAYA (흐야야) skillfully recreated Among Us in Overwatch using its custom game mode with the Horizon Lunar Colony map as the backdrop, the video garnering over 40,000 views with fans of both games impressed by the feat.

Among Us steam header
Among Us has experienced a new lease of life in 2020, leading to its devs scrapping a proposed sequel.

Artist Kocakup on Twitter has also done a crossover of two games, but this time the opposite way around, recreating characters from global hit Smash Ultimate in the style of the minimalistic pellet-like sprites from Among Us.

Each sprite has been individually crafted to best represent their Smash counterpart, with key features and accessories used to identify them. Princess Peach is yellow with a pink bodysuit, and a tiny crown that sits atop her head.

Of course Mario and Luigi don red and green aesthetics respectively, looking adorably close to the original even in this minimalistic style. This amazing artist recreated everyone from Sonic and Pikachu down to the Animal Crossing villagers and the Wii Fit Trainer.

The artist even uploaded a document where high resolution versions of each character could be accessed for those wanting to use the adorable recreations as their profile pictures. Kocakup also teased that they would be creating newly announced Smash character Steve from Minecraft soon.

Among Us’ unique aesthetic is proving to be working immeasurably in its favor, as this concept art now has almost 30,000 likes and counting on Twitter.