Among Us wants indie game crossover as Undertale creator responds

Scott Baird
Among Us Crewmember with silhouettes of indie darlings

The Among Us developers are dropping huge hints about an indie game crossover, which could include Undertale, A Hat in Time, and Untitled Goose Game.

Among Us is incredibly cheap to buy, but players can support the developers by buying cosmetic items, such as skins, pets, and hats. These provide no gameplay advantage and are just there to let the players stand out.

The Among Us cosmetics have allowed for crossovers, with items based on League of Legends, Hololive, Destiny 2, and Halo. Similarly, the Among Us crewmates have appeared in other games, including the fighting game Fraymakers, where they could be summoned as a support character.

Among Us crewmates are certainly ripe for crossover potential, which might soon be expanding even further, either with more cosmetics or perhaps a brand-new title featuring indie darlings from multiple genres.

Among Us devs are hinting at indie crossover

A strange message on the official Among Us Twitter/X account by developer InnerSloth hints at some kind of indie game crossover. The fact that it’s on the Among Us account suggests that it could be cosmetics based on different indie titles.

The image in the tweet features silhouettes of characters who fans have identified as the protagonists from Celeste, A Hat in Time, and Untitled Goose Game.

The crossover might also include characters from one of the most prominent indie games of all time, as Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and Deltarune, also commented on the tweet. Undertale is no stranger to crossovers, so an appearance by Frisk, Kris, Sans, or Suzie wouldn’t be too surprising.

While the tweet is most likely referring to cosmetics in Among Us, there’s also a chance that it could refer to a brand-new game. There have been several attempts at indie crossover games in the past (like the previously mentioned Fraymakers), so the Among Us devs might be developing the next one.

An official announcement about the nature of this Among Us crossover may be made in the next few weeks, as The Game Awards 2023 is due to take place on December 8, and that’s where most of the big end-of-year reveals tend to take place.

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