Amazon driver fired after allegedly stealing PS5 birthday present

Published: 28/Nov/2020 1:01

by Bill Cooney


An Amazon delivery driver has been fired after they allegedly stole a PS5 that was out for delivery to a 16-year-old who was expecting it as a birthday present.

As if those of us who have purchased PlayStation 5’s online don’t have enough to worry about as our new consoles make their way to us, now a new episode out of the UK shows you apparently can’t trust anyone when it comes to the next generation of gaming.

On November 20, a Twitter user named Richard Walker posted security camera footage which he claimed showed an Amazon delivery driver taking the PS5 meant for his son’s birthday for themselves.

The driver took the package out and scanned it to make it seem like it was delivered, before simply shoving it back into the van. After the family contacted Amazon, the company said they would look into the incident before giving them a full refund for the machine — but apparently didn’t replace the PS5 itself.

That wasn’t enough for the family though, who took the footage to their local Amazon location where the PS5 was shipped out from, and heard from the boss that the employee responsible would be fired.

“We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers,” an Amazon rep told Oxford Mail. “The delivery associate will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”

PS5 scalping group stockpiling consoles
Apparently, everyone wants to get their hands on the PS5.

It’s funny to imagine that the driver took the PS5 to get in some epic gaming of his own, but the more likely scenario is that they swiped it to cash in on the resell value. The next-gen consoles are listed for over $1,000 each on sites like eBay.

Whatever their reason was, they might have a hot new next-gen console, but they’re now out of a job, which definitely isn’t a trade-off we would make, at least.

Package thiefs who steal deliveries off of peoples doorsteps, or so-called “porch pirates,” are not a new phenomenon in our internet-connected day and age, but a delivery driver taking a kid’s PS5, especially when they’re in such high demand, has definitely rubbed people the wrong way.


GTA Online trick destroys Oppressor MK2 griefers with propeller planes

Published: 19/Jan/2021 15:01

by Daniel Megarry


A GTA Online player experienced an incredible bout of luck when they discovered they could take down an Oppressor MK2 with just a propeller plane.

The Pegassi Oppressor MK2 has become a hugely popular hoverbike ever since it was introduced as part of the After Hours update in 2018. Its ability to fly paired with homing missiles makes it a formidable vehicle.

Unfortunately, the overpowered nature of the MK2 makes it perfect for GTA Online griefers who want to cause havoc by provoking other players, especially those who are trying to complete missions.

But one cargo griefer got something they weren’t expecting when their target, who was completing a drop-off mission in a propeller plane, managed to avoid their onslaught and take them out with a simple maneuver.

GTA Online MK2 Oppressor
Rockstar Games
The MK2 Oppressor has become a popular choice for griefers in GTA Online.

Perfect GTA 5 Oppressor MK2 counter

A video shared by Reddit user medoansary on the GTA Online subreddit shows the hilarious moment in question.

While attempting to ‘Deliver the Meth to the drop-off’ in a propeller plane, they heard the infamous ‘lock-on’ noise which indicates that another player is targeting them with the Oppressor MK2’s homing missiles.

Given that the player was flying over the sea, they had to quickly find a way to survive the attack. As a last-ditch resort, they circled around and flew directly into the Oppressor MK2, instantly killing their opponent and sending the vehicle crashing into the water below.

Speaking of the surprise takedown, medoansary explained: “Honestly, I gave up hope as soon as I heard the lock-on beep and then I tried this. I didn’t think it would work but man was I laughing my ass off when it did.”

Honestly, I gave up hope as soon as I heard the lock-on beep and then I tried this lol. I didn’t think it would work but man was I laughing my ass off when it did from gtaonline

The clip had fellow GTA Online fans celebrating the “satisfying” success story, with many of them poking fun at the griefer for getting a taste of their own medicine, and enjoying the fact that they’d likely now have to pay insurance on their drowned Oppressor MK2.

“That guy definitely just deleted the game and posted an essay on the GTA forums about how broken and OP propellor planes are,” joked one Reddit user. Another added: “There’s a special place in hell for cargo griefers.”

This isn’t the first time GTA Online players have found solid vehicles to take down MK2 Oppressors. It was recently discovered that the MOC Cab can tank 70 homing missiles, making it the perfect MK2 counter.