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There are many banger songs on the Alan Wake 2 soundtrack which are heard throughout the game. So here is the entire tracklist, and the artists who perform them.

Remedy Entertainment is no stranger to featuring licensed music in their games. Previous releases such as Control, Max Payne and Alan Wake all included music from artists that enhanced the themes and tone of their stories.

And for Alan Wake 2, this is no exception. Remedy has once again brought the power of music to Bright Falls, and has a large soundtrack filled with licensed music to enjoy in-game.

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So, with Alan Wake 2 out now, here’s a full breakdown of the game’s soundtrack, including the song titles and artists who perform them.

Alan Wake 2 soundtrack: Tracklist of all songs

Below you’ll find every licensed song in the Alan Wake 2 soundtrack. In total, there are 20 tracks, according to the in-game credits.

  • ‘Follow You Into The Dark’ – RAKEL
  • ‘Lost At Sea’ – Jean Castel
  • ‘Superhero’ – Mougleta
  • ‘Dark, Twisted And Cruel’ – Paleface
  • ‘No One Left To Live’ – ROOS+BERG
  • ‘Wide Awake’ – Jaimes
  • ‘Herald of Darkness’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘Dark Ocean Summoning’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘Anger’s Remorse’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘Heroes And Villains’ – Poets of the Fall
  • ‘Take Control’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘Balance Slays The Demon’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘Children of the Elder God’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘The Poet and the Muse’ – Old Gods of Asgard
  • ‘The Happy Song’ – Poets of the Fall
  • ‘This Road (AW)’ – Poe
  • ‘Yoton Yo (Nightless Night)’ – Martti Suosalo
  • ‘Sankarin Tango (Hero’s Tango)’ – Martti Suosalo
  • ‘Prayer At The Gate’ – PJ Harvey
  • ‘Filth’ – Sami “Haxx” Hakala

Alan Wake 2 soundtrack: Is it available for streaming and vinyl?

Selected chapter songs from the Alan Wake 2 soundtrack are available on streaming platforms. They can be found on Spotify. This includes “Alan Wake II – Chapter Songs” which play at the end of each chapter, and a separate release of ‘Herald of Darkness’ by Old Gods of Asgard, played during the iconic We Sing chapter.

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Some tracks, such as a selection of the music by Old Gods of Asgard, are also available to stream due to them appearing in earlier Remedy games. For example, ‘Take Control’ was played during the famous Ashtray Maze sequence in Control, while ‘The Poet and the Muse’ was a crucial plot point in the first Alan Wake game.

As for physical releases, the Alan Wake 2 soundtrack is currently not available for purchase on vinyl or CD. However, the full discography of Old Gods of Asgard is available for pre-order from selected retailers on both CD and Vinyl, and includes a couple of never-before-heard tracks too. “Rebirth: Greatest Hits” from Old Gods of Asgard will be released on December 15, 2023.

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