Access pass to Dr Disrespect’s Deadrop game sells for over $3k

Jacob Hale
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Dr Disrespect and his game development company, Midnight Society, are hard at work building vertical extraction shooter Deadrop, and such is fans’ excitement, Access passes for the game are already selling for upwards of $3000.

In March 2022, the Midnight Society Access Pass was officially launched, with 10,000 Variants being sold to players waiting to get in and play each Snapshot of the game in development, as well as when it officially launches.

At the time, these passes cost buyers $50, and also offered buyers exclusive content and a hand in making certain decisions with the game.

In the time since, several Deadrop ‘snapshots’ have launched, giving players a few days to try out the game in its current development state before it’s finalized, marking some of the most hands-on experiences any players have been able to get with a game before it launches.

Viper Inked Juliet Variant in Deadrop
Viper Inked Juliet is the most expensive Variant sold on OpenSea so far.

Fans are so excited in anticipation of the game, that they’re forking out some serious cash for these Access passes, which live on the blockchain as NFTs.

In the last two weeks at the time of writing, many Access pass Variants have sold for around the $1000+ mark, but some have gone for far more.

In fact, two of them have sold for around $3000-3500, a huge markup on their original $50 price, as shown on the collection’s OpenSea page. The highest sellers in recent weeks are:

  1. Viper Inked Juliet (1.99 ETH/$3516.53)
  2. High Sierra One (1.59 ETH/$2809.69)
  3. Delta Quick Romeo (1.50 ETH/$2650.65)

*All ETH to USD conversions accurate at the time of writing

A number of others have sold for slightly less, but regardless, a lot of original owners have made some serious cash from their Access Pass.

Prices seemed to peak around the time following the Deadrop event that took place at Esports Stadium Arlington, when Dr Disrespect joined up with OpTic Gaming and their notable creators to show off the game live to spectators and thousands of viewers online.

With that in mind, we could probably expect to see more high-end sales as the game edges closer to launch, though there’s still some way to go before they catch up with the most expensive NFTs ever sold.

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