Dr Disrespect finally unboxes knife in CSGO and it’s one of the most expensive in the game

Carver Fisher
Dr Disrespect first CSGO knife

It may have taken Dr Disrespect a while to unbox his very first CSGO knife, but the wait was worth it: He managed to pull an M9 Bayonet “Sapphire”, one of the most expensive knives in the game.

Ahead of Counter-Strike 2‘s imminent launch, a ton of content creators have been jumping into CSGO. Its tactical shooter gameplay has stood the test of time as the game gains more players than ever.

Along with this enthralling gameplay comes an incredibly rich and vibrant skin market that has produced an entire marketplace built around CSGO skins. With cases worth thousands and skins worth millions, the stakes are high for those who want to get their hands on rare skins.

However, Dr Disrespect was just looking for a knife, any knife at all. It’s taken him days to get one. Fortunately for him, the wait has been worth it and he pulled a knife worth a decent chunk of change.

Dr Disrespect pulls incredibly rare CSGO knife worth thousands

Dr Disrespect could have easily bought a knife for himself if he wanted to, but he was determined to pull one for himself.

CSGO cases aren’t cheap these days, making the number of cases the Doc had to open to finally get a knife expensive. However, the wait was worth it. While case openings are rarely profitable, he pulled a knife that was truly special.

The M9 Bayonet Doppler “Sapphire” in Factory New can sell for up to $16,000 dollars on the market, and that incredibly rare knife is the very first one Dr Disrespect opened.

It’s as of yet unclear whether he plans to sell it or hold onto it as his play knife, but Dr Disrespect has obtained an item few players will ever hold.

For those who are less fortunate, CSGO cases can set you back thousands of dollars. ohnePixel was given over 130k worth of cases and walked with a fraction of that initial amount in items, essentially burning $100,000 or more in around an hour.