Nadeshot slams Call of Duty anti-cheat: “I would hit the reset button”

Daniel Appleford
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100 Thieves CEO and retired Call of Duty professional player Nadeshot took to his stream to rant about the cheating issues plaguing Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Cheaters have run rampant in MW3 through third-party cheating applications and the introduction of controller modifications. While cheaters have been running around in the competitive scene of CoD for years, the most recent rendition has more and more faces within the community speaking out.

Activision released a statement about Ricochet, the anti-cheat system in place for CoD, saying that it banned over 6,000 accounts from February 16 to 20. Nadeshot responded to that statement by saying that Ricochet’s ability to withstand cheaters was not doing enough to solve the epidemic plaguing ranked play. 

Now, a few days after Nadeshot made that initial response on Twitter/X, he has gone onto his stream to rant and explain more about what he would do if he were in charge of combating cheaters at Activision. 

Nadeshot criticizes Call of Duty anti-cheat

Nadeshot started his rant by giving Activision the benefit of the doubt. He said he understands that companies and software developers creating these cheats can turn them out faster than Activision can block them. However, he blames this process on Activision not taking the time to ensure that the anti-cheat system is as strong as it can be the first time around. 

“If I were Activision, for the first time in my life, I would hit the reset button and I would make decisions for the community,” Nadeshot said. “I would shut this f****** game down for the next month, two, three, four, five six – however long it takes. I would use all the resources at my disposal to get Ricochet up to speed and have it working up to the level that the community expects.”

While this idea may seem logical in theory, Nadeshot also recognizes that shutting down Call of Duty for multiple months would not be profitable for Activision. It would also cause an uproar in the community who would not be able to play the game they spent $70 to play. 

Activision has made no further comments regarding its battle against hackers and cheaters. Additionally, the company has also not made any announcement regarding Ricochet’s performance or if there will be improvements in the future.

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