Terrible Forza Motorsport glitch ruins races and sends cars into ‘space’

Forza Motorsport space glitchReddit: U/Archangel_Matthias

Forza Motorsport still enjoys a cult following years after its initial release date. With the promise of a new game on the horizon, players are still finding unusual glitches in the current release, often with hilarious results.

Online matches on both Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon 4 are often criticized for their eccentric players and connection issues.

Well, it seems those aforementioned issues surfaced once again for this Redditor. While happily racing in an online lobby, a strange glitch caused them to be launched ‘into space’ temporarily, ruining the race.

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Forza Motorsport car flyingReddit: U/Archangel_Matthias
The car did a number of rolls in mid-air after the glitch.

Forza Motorsport online multiplayer glitch

Initially, the clip below seems like a perfectly normal race. In fact, it’s much more civilized than many online races on any of the Forza games than we’ve ever seen.

However, that soon changed when what can only be described as a catastrophic glitch ruined the race for Redditor u/Archangel_Matthais.

While taking a corner at low speed, a car can be seen flying past on the right-hand-side of the video. At first the car appears to smash into the track barrier, but it is clear that it is glitching heavily.

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It then seems as if the car ‘bounces’ off the barrier, and then cuts through the players’ car.

This unusual glitch has the effect of throwing the player’s car into the air as if it was on a giant rocket ship. Not only that, but it does a number of flips while in mid-air, before crashing back down to earth.

Thankfully, the player saw the funny side of the situation. Posting to R/Forza on Reddit, they said they “briefly joined a space program” due to the glitch.

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Although it is unclear what exactly caused the glitch, it was probably a combination of bad internet connections, high ping, and good old-fashioned bugs. Whatever the case, it made for a hilarious reason for losing a race.

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