This teacher using Forza Horizon 5 to teach math has gone viral

Lauren Bergin
teacher shows forza horizon 5 on boardPixabay, Microsoft

While Forza Horizon 5 is a pretty flexible game, one teacher has decided to innovate his classroom practices by using it to explain precalculus. 

The newest installment in Forza’s iconic racing franchise, Forza Horizon 5, has shattered XBOX records and even won our official seal of approval.

As players both old and new clamor to snag themselves the game’s fastest car, or quickly earn themselves an entire treasure trove full of credits, one fan has decided to go down a very different route with his Forza experience.

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This player is Reddit user Rj_TBNR‘s precalculus teacher, who has found a way to integrate his love for all things mathematical with his passion for Forza.

forza horizon 5 car racingMicrosoft
This guy has to be the coolest teacher we’ve ever seen!

Teacher uses Forza Horizon 5 in class

Showing off a picture of their lecture on Reddit, this astonished pupil describes “my Precalculus teacher playing Forza 5 in [sic] our 4k HD touchscreen board at our school.”

Charging up one of the game’s spectacular mountain ranges full speed ahead, this has to be one of the most interesting teaching methods we’ve ever seen – especially in calculus!

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However, despite initially looking completely out of left field, there’s some method behind this teacher’s madness. Calculus is defined as the “mathematical study of continuous change.” Considering both the car’s dynamics themselves, as well as the impact that the surrounding environment has upon them are in constant flux, the example makes perfect sense.

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Of course, the entire comments section is green with envy that their own classes aren’t as interesting as this one.

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A comment from Xbox’s official Reddit account notes that “we’d pass this math class,” subtly showing their approval.

“At 120mph in a two-ton hunk of s**t, can the class please describe how long it will take me to get obliterated by a tree?” jokes one fan, while another responds “‘less than two minutes.'” One baffled respondent also notes that “math was a lot different when I went to school.”

Whether you’re an avid Forza fan or otherwise, you can’t help but admire this teacher’s creative teaching methods. It almost makes us want to go back to school!

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