Ridiculous Forza Motorsport glitch forces players to randomly pit

Alex Garton

Halloween may have passed us by, but it appears a few of the cars on Forza Motorsport 7 are being possessed by an unexplained force. The paranormal glitch forces the player into the pits and throws their car against the side of the track.

Forza players may need to take care over the Halloween season when racing round their favourite track. There appears to be a chance of paranormal activity occurring when approaching a pit stop in a race.

Despite seemingly being in control at first, a player is at the will of a possessed vehicle within an instant. One Reddit user, Kylex67, experienced the full force of the glitch as his car was forced into the pits.

Paranormal Forza Motorsport glitch

The clip wastes no time in immediately showing the glitch, with Kylex67′s car veering left towards the upcoming pit stop.

The car then appears to almost come to a standstill whilst floating just above the ground. It’s then that the vehicle is thrown forward through the pit with a paranormal-like force, smashing into the tyres that guard the edge of the track.

The video continues with the possessed vehicle uncontrollably ramming into the side of the track. Finally, adding the icing on the cake for the clip, Kylex67’s car is pushed through the sidewall of the track with no resistance.

The commenters on the Reddit thread share a superstitious perspective of the clip, with one stating “you have been banished to the pit dimension” and another writing “Halloween update: your car is possessed.”

As funny as it would be for Playground Games to add paranormal glitches to the racing game for Halloween, I think it’s best these bugs are left for chance encounters.