Where to stoke Cozy Campfires for Fortnite’s Day 2 Winterfest Challenge

Epic Games

Fortnite’s Winterfest Challenges are officially underway, and the second day tasks players with finding and stoking Cozy Campfire to earn a special Christmas-themed reward.

Winterfest is the direct replacement for the 14 Days of Fortnite event from 2018, giving players some festive tasks to take part in as they enjoy the holiday season.

Players will unlock a new challenge every day by visiting the Winterfest Lodge by clicking on the snowflake tab in the main menu, and then selecting the stocking which hangs from the roaring fireplace inside the fully-decorated cabin. Those who click on December 19 will be told to stoke a Campfire, and while this may sound a little confusing, it’s actually fairly straightforward.

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Credit: Epic GamesPlayers need to head to the Winterfest Lodge to access their new challenge.

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How to stoke a Cozy Campfire

To stoke a Cozy Campfire, all you need to do is set it ablaze, so the first time you spot one, run over at interact with it, setting it on fire. As soon as the Campfire is burning, you should receive a notification in the top-left corner of the screen letting you know you’ve completed the task.

Unlike previous Fortnite seasons, Cozy Campfires are no longer items that can be placed down, so you’ll need to head to a specific location that has one placed there by Epic Games if you want to complete this challenge.

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Unfortunately, these aren’t marked on the map by Epic Games, but if you don’t want to waste time scouring the map in the hopes of randomly coming across one, we’ve marked the locations of every Cosy Campfire on the map below so you can simply choose one, and head there.

Epic GamesMap showing every Cozy Campfire in Fortnite Chapter 2.

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The good news is that you don’t even have to be healed by a Cozy Campfire to complete this challenge, so don’t worry about waiting until you’ve taken damage before you light one up. As always though, if someone else has gotten to the fire before you, you’ll have to find another as they can only be used once.

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As for rewards, you’ll be able to grab a special Holiday Sweater banner courtesy of Epic Games for your efforts in stocking a Cozy Campfire, complete with snowflakes and Christmas trees to help you show your festive cheer in-game.

Epic GamesFortnite players will receive the Holiday Sweater banner as a reward.

If you missed the first day of Winterfest, you can check our full guide to completing the all of event challenges to get caught up, and there will also be another weapon, item, or Limited Time Mode unvaulted as part of the ‘Home for the Holidays’ portion of Winterfest.