Watch Fortnite pros refuse to shoot each other in ridiculous Winter Royale battle

A ridiculous moment where Fortnite pro players formed a truce and refused to shoot each other during the Winter Royale tournament has caused quite the stir among the competitive community, but it was comedy gold for Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo. 

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Chap burst into hysterics when he found players Psalm, Vyx and TTV MmateosS shooting at each other almost as badly as Star Wars Stormtroopers, as they worked together in X-4 Stormwing planes to reach the game’s top ten. 

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The streamer couldn’t contain himself when he saw the footage, which has been dubbed an ‘Oscar worthy performance’ by user thebigboss_123 who clipped his reaction on Twitch. 

“They’re not fighting, they’re fucking around you idiots. They’re literally shooting around each other on purpose because of their fucking truce” he said. 

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Chap broke into wild laughter for a few moments as both Vyx and Psalm rolled around in the air, as both clearly had no intention of killing the other.

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He screamed: “They’re teaming, you bots! Oh my god. Wow, these guys really have bad aim”. 

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Many Fortnite personalities have made their opinions known about issues of new content, including the controversial addition of the Infinity Blade to the competitive scene.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins understands that Fortnite was never going to delay the arrival of a new season because of the Winter Royale, however he did criticize the timing of the latest v7.01 update, which included the sword. 

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He said: “To add the sword and to have these planes, in this tournament, it’s just not what I qualified for.”

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