Ghost Bizzle slams Fortnite for adding Infinity Blade ahead of Winter Royale

David Purcell
KevinLaFortnite / Epic Games

Competitive Fortnite player Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller has said that he has lost respect for the battle royale game, after Epic Games introduced the Infinity Blade just before the Winter Royale tournament.

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The seemingly overpowered sword was introduced on December 11 with patch v7.01 and its place on the competitive scene is already under immense scrutiny from several pro players. 

Ghost Bizzle tweeted his grievances about the first update since the arrival of Season 7, which also introduced planes.

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“Can’t believe I put my full time into Fortnite and they pull two updates before a major tournament,” he said. “Huge loss of respect for Fortnite.”

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Clips of the powerful Infinity Blade have been shared on social media since it was added to the game, showing just how insanely powerful the new weapon is, and Bizzle feels some casters have been misled in the run up to the $1 million Winter Royale tournament. 

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Bizzle also wasn’t happy about players in planes not shooting each other, but instead targeting those on the ground. 

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He added: “The poor Casters who get tricked into this shit, making it sound like people are making smart decisions when the game right now is rewarding idiots with points.”

The sword adds 200 HP, as well as 200 shield, to the player using it. If this isn’t enough of an advantage, whoever holds it will also have their shield replenished each time they get a kill – not to mention the extraordinary leaping capabilities granted by the Infinity Blade. 

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While the new feature seems to have gone down well with casual gamers, the same can’t be said for a section of the competitive community. 

FaZe Clan’s Avery ‘Avxry’ Lopriore has asked for Epic Games to apologize for adding the contents of the new update to the Winter Royale tournament, asking for a return to the previously used EU Skirmish patch.

He posted the following on Twitter: 

Epic Games has acknowledged that there are issues with the Infinity Blade. However, despite the strong opposition, there is no official word on whether it will be removed from the competitive scene as of yet.

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