Vikkstar Pulls Off Hidden Jump Pad Trap for Epic Fortnite Victory Royale

Calum Patterson

YouTuber Vikkstar devised an ingenious new way to use the bounce pad in Fortnite, luring his final opponent into a death trap.

The bounce pads in Fortnite have been a welcome addition, with the best players using them in more and more inventive ways.

They work similarly to the ‘hop rocks’, giving a temporary but significant jump boost and preventing fall damage upon landing, resulting in some ridiculous battles as players are launched around the map.

And while the pads themselves are not lethal, they can be put to deadly use with a bit of ingenuity and luck, just as Vikkstar shows.

In order to pull this trick off, Vikkstar needed a number of spike traps, a single launch pad and enough materials to essentially hide everything.

Perhaps it is a glitch, or perhaps intentional, but launch pads will still boost players up even through a steel ramp, meaning it can be placed underneath a ramp and fool players who are unaware.

Vikkstar does so, placing the ramp below a 4×4 container of spike traps, and rather fortunately, lures his final opponent into the trap’s jaws.

Thankfully Vikkstar’s build was not destroyed by the incoming grenade launchers from the first enemy, leaving him in the 1v1 and with the perfect opportunity to hatch his plan.

He even exclaims that the last opponent was a “good” player, indicating that even some of the more experienced players will be unaware of this trick and fall for the setup.

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