Fortnite meets Sharknado in bizarre Loot Shark glitch

fortnite loot sharkEpic Games

A “baked” Fortnite player randomly stumbled across a Sharknado-like Loot Shark glitch, though his teammates wouldn’t take him seriously.

Epic Games added Loot Sharks to the popular multiplayer title during Chapter 2 Season 3. As their name implies, Loot Sharks carry with them loot items such as ammo and weapons. 

The only way for a player to take advantage of the contents inside of the large fish is by defeating it on the battlefield. 

On some occasions, though, bringing down the aquatic behemoths can prove incredibly difficult, especially if they take to the skies.

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Loot Shark spirals out of control due to Fortnite glitch

While teaming up with friends for a game of Fortnite, Reddit user Skyrimfanboy87 inadvertently ran into a Sharknado-like glitch. 

The player shared a clip that shows their Darth Vader character climbing up a rooftop and coming face-to-face with a Loot Shark. Better yet, the Loot Shark soars through the sky with a car in its mouth.

Oddly, the shark doesn’t stick around long enough for anyone else to see it. The creature instead floats out of view, sucked into the clouds as if by some unseen force of nature. 

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Because no one else notices the strange phenomenon, the ramblings of the “baked” Skyrimfanboy87 are quickly dismissed by his fellow players.

This isn’t the first time that flying Loot Sharks have wreaked havoc on Fortnite Island. Several months ago, another Redditor approached a Loot Shark who at first seemed an easy kill. 

The pace of the battle changed when the beast leaped over the player and flew away without a worry in the world.

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Evidently, this particular glitch has evolved, allowing Fortnite’s’ Loot Sharks to become apex predators of the skies.

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