Fortnite hammer bug launches player into the sky like its Super Smash Bros

fortnite shockwave hammerEpic Games

Fortnite’s controversial Shockwave Hammer experienced yet another game-breaking glitch after already getting temporarily removed once.

Fortnite Chapter 4 introduced the Shockwave Hammer, which could be used as a way to propel yourself across the map or send an enemy flying off into the distance. Community members were excited to get their hands on the versatile weapon, but an infinite bounce glitch forced Epic to disable the hammer’s use in-game temporarily.

Upon its return, the developers reduced the number of Shockwave Hammer bounce charges from four to three, and the decision elicited a mixed reaction from players.

Despite receiving a slight nerf, one player tried to use the weapon to secure a victory in the final circle, but the decision epically backfired.

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Shockwave Hammer costs Fortnite player a win

The new Shockwave Hammer weapon in FortniteEpic Games
The new Shockwave Hammer weapon in Fortnite

A Fortnite player shared a clip on Reddit, attempting to secure a match-clinching kill with the Shockwave Hammer. Instead, the hammer shot the user straight backward and out of the final circle, resulting in a painstaking loss.

The shocked Fortnite player couldn’t believe what had happened to them and joked, “I must have overclocked my hammer.”

Fearing another removal of the weapon, one player responded, “Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the shockwave hammer.”

Other community members reacted much differently and celebrated the potential removal of the Shockwave Hammer. “Yay, maybe another day or two without hammer if this happens more often.”

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A third player put on their detective hat and claimed, “this isn’t a bug, you just launched that stuff on top of the roof and flew away on it.”

Whether or not the video clip is a glitch or not, it’s clear Fortnite players are still unable to come to an agreement on if the weapon belongs in the battle royale.