TSM’s Myth left in disbelief after being killed on Fortnite by a plane

Epic Games

Team Solo Mid streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was left dumbfounded after being bizarrely killed by a plane during a Fortnite solo game.

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Despite receiving a number of updates in the game’s recent patch – including a nerf to the damage it deals to a player whilst crashing into them  – the X-4 Stormwing attack plane is still an incredibly powerful weapon in Fortnite, yet, it shouldn’t be able to kill a player with a direct hit.

So, Myth wouldn’t have expected to be killed when hit by a diving enemy late into a solo game as he was during his December 18 stream. 

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The streamer, who was in a build battle with a player he had been chasing, struggled to finish off his kill. After a few seconds, Myth was able to finish off the straggling player with two bursts of his shotgun. However, before he could pick up any loot from the fallen foe, Myth was dove upon by a X-4 Stormwing plane and killed despite having full health and 75 points from his shield.

Confused by what had just happened, Myth called out: “Didn’t they just nerf that?! Dude. Didn’t they nerf the amount of damage it does? Whaaat?”

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Whilst Myth had an extremely large amount of health, the pilot of the Stormwing was able to kill him without a direct hit – something that is pretty difficult without knocking someone into a high fall. 

Judging by that, it is quite possible that the TSM streamer was killed by a hacker as he also didn’t take damage from any passenger that could have shot from the plane.

Hackers have been prevalent in Fortnite for some time, with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins catching yet another on stream recently. However, this plane incident looks to be a fresh potential hack so it’ll be interesting to see if Epic Games addresses it, should it turn out to be a hack. 

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