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Ninja catches another Fortnite hacker in the act on stream

Published: 16/Dec/2018 18:49 Updated: 16/Dec/2018 20:00

by Connor Bennett


During a recent stream, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins caught a Fortnite hacker in action and broadcast a snippet of their gameplay for the world to see.

Hacking and stream sniping has plagued Fortnite for some time with players calling on Epic Games to act and make changes. However, hackers have still been able to affect games – even getting to the best of Fornite’s pro scene. 

On November 24, FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was slain by a hacker during a Winter Royale qualifying game. Since then, a number of hackers have received bans and now, Ninja has caught another in action – reporting them for hacking in the hopes that they’re banned too. 


Eric Ananmalay/ESPAT MediaEven the face of Fortnite and Twitch runs into hackers.

During his December 15 stream, Ninja – who was dead in a game – watched on in disbelief as the hacker began dealing damage to players they could barely see. After watching the hacker gain a long-range kill by seemingly aim locking, the streamer reported the account before carrying on watching them make a move on another player.

The former Halo professional turned streamer left the game after watching the hacker get a kill on a player at Dusty Divot, who wasn’t visible to Ninja’s stream, whilst shooting from over 100 metres away.

On the same stream, Ninja also called on Epic Games to help end the stream sniping epidemic that has plagued some of Fortnite’s biggest streamers. However, even he isn’t sure if any company will be ever to combat snipe snipers. 


Ninja had been playing a squad’s game before his team was pounced on – outside the closing circle – by an apparent group of stream snipers. After leaving the game, the former Halo professional said: “Listen man, If there’s anyone who can come up with a creative way to counteract stream sniping, it’s Epic.”