Secret quest added in Fortnite Season 2, two more leaked & coming soon

Epic Games

Internet detectives have confirmed the existence of previously leaked Fortnite Battle Royale secret quests, and it appears that one of them is already in the game while two more could be coming soon.

About a week ago, popular Fortnite leaker, FireMonkey, revealed three secret quests that would be popping up on the battle royale to finish Season 2: “Stop the Battle,” “Teddies Libearated!” and “Celebrate the Truce.”

“Teddies Liberated!” is reportedly already available for completion, but not much information had been available about the other two—until now. One user, niitq, has decrypted Fortnite’s code and confirmed via Twitter that “Celebrate the Truce” will be the next secret quest.

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Secret quests are always a fun way to earn extra XP and these seem to be no exception.

We’ve already had a number of quests this season that included the game’s gnomes and bears. At the start of April, there were the “For the Bears” and “For the Gnomes” missions, which required finding hidden honey pots and telescopes, respectively. 

While it’s unclear how much XP will be awarded in the new secret ones, but the two mentioned above each gave players 40,000, and “Teddies Libearated!” awards players 15,000.

ifiremonkey - Twitter
The names and descriptions of leaked Fortnite secret quests.

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So far, all we know about these leaked quests is that they involve the teddy bears, gnomes, and dancing. 

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From the descriptions, FireMonkey discovered that “Stop the Battle” requires disarming the bears and gnomes—effectively forcing a truce, while “Celebrate the Truce” more jovially enlists players to “dance for the generals.”

These secret objectives are likely additions that will complement the Astronomical and Midas’ Mission challenge sets, granting players more opportunities to gain the experience needed for their favorite rewards.

Epic Games
One of the leaked Fortnite secret quests apparently involve these gnomes.

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With the first leaked quest already popping up under the radar, fans should keep their eyes out in case more information is revealed about the other two quests. 

Once those are discovered, explanatory guides and videos are bound to surface for players eager to level up before the season’s end. 

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