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There’s a new four-way teleportation junction under Wailing Woods

Published: 14/Nov/2018 20:09 Updated: 14/Nov/2018 20:15

by Albert Petrosyan


The bunker under the Wailing Woods location in Fortnite Battle Royale now features what looks to be a teleportation junction.

This junction has been added as part of the v6.30 update, which went live early on November 14. The large space has several floors to it and strongly resembles a sort-of underground sewage system, with four large pipes on each of the four main walls.

However, the large pipes don’t really lead anywhere, and instead, have rift-like portals that allow players to faze through the wall and end up on the other side.

It appears as though some of the areas that the portals lead to and have no other entrances or exits and are only accessible via a portal.


Here is a video clip of this new teleportation junction, courtesy of Reddit user ‘TimSad.’

The purpose of this new area is not clear, as it does not appear that players can yet use the portals to travel anywhere except the other side of a wall.

However, it opens the door for Epic Games to begin experimenting with teleportation on a larger scale, especially if junctions like this are added to other parts of the map and fast-travel between multiple junctions becomes a possibility.

Although they look similar, these portals should not be confused with Rifts, which thrust players into the sky and allow them to land on the map again.


Unlike those rifts, the portals allow players to travel more directly and do not close after they’ve been used once. 

Interestingly enough, the new portals were not mentioned in the v6.30 patch notes, which wouldn’t be the first time Epic have added new things into the game without announcing them.

An in-depth look at the v6.30 patch notes can be viewed HERE.