The Purple Cube in Fortnite has cracked open and is leaking into Leaky Lake

The mysterious purple cube in Fortnite appears to have begun its next stage of transition, as players have spotted it cracking and now leaking a mysterious substance.

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Throughout Season 6, Fortnite players have been engrossed by the lore of the mysterious purple cube, which first appeared back in August, as it has gone on a crazy journey.

After travelling to Loot Lake, destroying Loot Lake and spawning Zombies all over the map, it looks like the purple cube’s reign of terror is about to finally end.

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During a playground match on November 3, popular Fortnite streamer Dakotaz witness the Cube’s transition, suddenly cracking open.

Whatever substance is stored inside has also begun leaking from within, spilling out into the huge whirlpool which has been created around it.

Whatever is happening, it is right on cue with the in-game live event, known only as ‘Butterfly’ currently, which is set to take place on November 4.

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A second video from Dakotaz also shows something leak from inside the cube and drop directly into the crevasse below.

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Update: Data miners have also uncovered new game files that show what is set to happen with the cube. It will break into three separate fragments, according to leaks from Silox.

The Butterfly event is scheduled to take place on November 4 at 1pm ET (5pm GMT, 11am PT), but Epic has said that the live event will not be visible in Playground mode, unlike this Cube change, which was captured in playground.

So far, all we know about the Butterfly event comes from a few odd game files, showing some strange butterfly like shapes and some mysterious sounds.

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