First look at Summit Striker starter pack coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Calum Patterson

The name of an upcoming starter pack, ‘Summit Striker’, was discovered in the Fortnite game files following the v6.21 update, and now data miners have uncovered images of what it will look like.

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Fortnite first added started packs in March 2018, just as the game began to peak in popularity, as a way of introducing new players to the V-Bucks microtransaction model and get them started on buying skins.

It typically gives players a skin, a back bling and some bonus V-Bucks, all at a discounted price from what it would cost to buy the V-Bucks and cosmetic items separately.

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According to the game files, the Summit Striker pack will include 600 V-Bucks, the Summit Striker skin and back bling called ‘Top Notch’.

Both these skins are of the ‘Epic’ rarity, but whether they will convince players the purchase is worth it or not remains to be seen, as some players have complained in the past that starter pack skins are too basic.

Here are the first images of the Summit Striker skin and Top Notch back bling, courtesy of FNBRLeaks.

Summit Striker – “Always first to the top.”
Top Notch – “Best in class.”
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Epic Games has made no official announcement about this upcoming starter pack, and so there is no official release date or price set.

The pack’s file name does include ‘Season 6’ in it, but considering Season 6 is almost coming to a close, it is perhaps delayed until the start of Season 7, although the starter pack’s are usually separate any of the season driven ‘lore’ of Fortnite.