The Biggest Names in Fortnite Gather at E3 Ahead of Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament – Ninja, Ali-A and More


Fortnite fans everywhere will be turning their attention (temporarily) away from the game and towards Los Angeles this week, as the biggest Fortnite tournament yet featuring top streamers and celebrities is going down.

With Epic Games recent groundbreaking announcement that $100m in prize pools would be pledged to Fortnite competitions, this is the first big opportunity for them to test the waters for competitive battle royale.

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Although is not likely to be the format that Fortnite esports eventually uses (the Pro-Am tournament is a duo’s mode), it is still a significant foray into the first developer supported event.

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And, of course, to get fans interested, they have enlisted some of the biggest names, not just in gamin, but also some of the worlds A-List celebrities – including NBA players, musical artists and actors.

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Taking place at E3, the biggest gaming convention in the world, the focus is still largely on gamers and gaming though, and so of course the biggest names in Fortnite will be the star of the show for many.

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These top streamers and YouTubers have already been spotted out at the event in Los Angeles, ahead of the tournament starting on June 12th.

Here are just a few of the familiar faces meeting up, perhaps for the first time in person for many of them.

DrLupo (casting the event), timthetatman and Ninja. As fans know, these three guys make a formidable Fortnite squad or duo regularly on their streams.

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One of the more ‘controversial’ figures in Fortnite content, YouTuber Alastair “Ali-A” Aitken is known as likely the most popular Fortnite YouTuber, but he is also known as a notorious ‘clickbaiter’.

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Here he is with his streaming (and YouTube too) counterpart Ninja out at E3, who pokes a bit of fun at Ali-A’s videos.

Ali-A is teaming up with Fallout boy band member Pete Wentz, while Ninja is with electronic music producer and DJ, Marshmello.

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And finally, winners of the first Fortnite Friday tournament, Luminosity’s SypherPK met up with 100 Thieves member and streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, and top Fortnite YouTuber CDNthe3rd.

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The Fortnite Pro-Am tournament will begin at 3:30 pm local time (PT), and you can find all the information, streams, timezones, and schedule by visiting the Coverage Hub.

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