Tfue explains how Epic Games ruined Fortnite Season 2 for him

Epic Games

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has explained why he thinks Season Two actually “sucks”, after Epic Games took away a number of the things he enjoyed in-game.

After season one took fans on the longest wait for the release of a new season ever, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 has dropped with plenty of new content to get stuck into.

The battle royale map has been taken over by a ‘top secret’ theme with the addition of NPC henchmen, unique bosses, loot vaults, new weapons, and a few map changes. While plenty of players have been enjoying the new content, not everyone is a massive fan of what Epic Games has done. 

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Tfue, InstagramTfue, Instagram
Tfue has become one of the biggest stars on Twitch thanks to Fortnite.

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During his first trip into the new season, Tfue noted that the developers had taken away things that he actually has fun with in-game. “Bro, honestly, I hate to say it, but this season f**king sucks,” he said during his February 21 stream.

“The only thing I ever do is play TFaults and land on llamas and trap people – I just want you to know that. Just think about it.” One of his fellow players quickly responded that they had “vaulted” him, which set the Fortnite pro off further. 

He added: “They literally just f**king said ‘how does Tfue have fun?’ and they were like ‘he lands on llamas, he likes to trap kill people, and he plays his scrims’ and they were like ‘alright, let’s take the f**king trifecta, get all three of them f**king out.”

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However, it wasn’t just the removal of some of his favorite things that the Fortnite star was upset with. He also isn’t a massive fan of the new points of interest. 

“Dude, I don’t like these new POIs at all, it’s so f**king loud,” Tfue said shortly after dying in a solo match. Though, he noted that he wasn’t going to land at them again despite his excitement about seeing what they were all about. 

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Though plenty of players have already been enjoying the new season and its content, Tfue might not be alone in his criticisms – even if others won’t take as personal a shot as he could do.

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Whether or not he’ll come around and enjoy it, still remains to be seen, but Epic could still have some surprises up their sleeve.