Tfue explains why Tilted Towers should be removed from Fortnite

Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney has claimed that Fortnite would be much better if Tilted Towers was removed from the game, after being eliminated in one of the buildings. 

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The popular Twitch streamer, who has accumulated the most prize money from the game’s competitive tournaments to date, has enjoyed many Victory Royales at the destination in the past. 

However, despite it being one of the locations that some fans would like to see protected from the earthquake in Fortnite, Tfue explains that the game would be better off without Tilted Towers. 

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Traps are part of the problem, he says.

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After being caught by a player’s trap at Tilted, the professional player gave us a piece of his mind in regards to the popular location. 

“When Tilted [Towers] first came out it was fun,” he explained. “But, now it’s trash. The only reason I fucking land there is because it’s the only place people land. I hate Tilted Towers.”

Tfue also said that there aren’t enough counters for traps in fights that take place in buildings, hence his hatred for Tilted Towers. 

(You can see Tfue’s play, elimination and discussion for the first two minutes of this video)

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“Do you know how to shoot or do you guys just fucking pull out traps and look at the ground?” he said, after being killed at Tilted. “There’s no good counter. You can’t counter that. That’s why I hate Tilted Towers bro, I hate fighting inside buildings. It gives shit players way too many opportunities to kill you.”

Whether or not anything will materialize from Tfue’s criticism of the location remains to be seen. 

However, from what we’ve seen in the past – when professional players crowd around an issue – they have been known to force the developer’s hand once or twice, most recently with a nerf to the Hand Cannon. Will Spike Traps or Tilted Towers be the next to go?

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