Tfue mocks Fortnite pros following FNCS landing spot drama

Daniel Cleary
Tfue/Epic Games

Popular content creator Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney fired shots at some of his fellow Fortnite competitors who choose to follow where he lands in-game following his FNCS controversy.

Many of Fortnite’s streamers and personalities often find themselves as a target when loading into a game, as fellow players look to test their skills against the big-names for bragging rights.

Twitch star Tfue is among those who are frequently targeted during online games and after recently competing in the Fortnite Championship Series, his squad claimed that even some of their fellow pros were out to get them – which led to some heated arguments about the online event.

Tfue and Cloak’s team were furious when an opposing team dropped at their landing spot during FNCS.

The incident saw Tfue and Cloak’s squad drop out of the tournament early, finishing in 25th place on the day before blaming one another for the team’s failures despite being in a difficult situation.

Almost a week after their dramatic FNCS failure, Tfue decided to poke fun at some of his competitors after he was apparently told that they had only landed at Steamy Stacks after knowing that his popular squad would be there.

“That is true, Speedy even said that,” he confirmed before jokingly imitating his fellow pros. “Where does Tfue land? Oh, he lands cigarette dude, lets 50-50 him bro, lets double up.”

Tfue’s longtime duo Cloakzy had also mocked his fellow competitors after their usual landing spot of Steamy Stacks attracted more players during the FNCS event, suggesting that those who followed them did not care about trying to win the game.

Cloak claimed that both of the teams had targeted the server’s most popular streamers had little to lose anyway because they were apparently in “last place” before defeating his squad in-game.

Fortnite star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins also weighed in on the controversy claiming that he would not be able to get away with talking to his teammates in the same fashion that Tfue did during their FNCS meltdown.

Unfortunately for Tfue, there is not a lot he can do to counter players who choose to land at his usual landing spots without giving up an early loot advantage as it is not against the rules – despite being considered unfair by many viewers. It is every man for himself, after all.

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