FaZe Ronaldo goes off on Ninja after he mocks his viewership: “You’re a little b*tch”

Calum Patterson
ninja stable ronaldo

FaZe Clan streamer Stable Ronaldo has hit back at Ninja with a fiery response, after the latter called him “washed,” criticized his streams and mocked his viewership.

Stable Ronaldo was one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in 2021, regularly peaking at over 10,000 viewers on every stream. However, like many top Fortnite creators, the hype has died down somewhat.

The FaZe member has moved on to streaming other games and IRL content, which has coincided with a drop in viewership, although he still maintains well over 1,000 viewers.

In what appeared to be an entirely unprovoked attack, Ninja criticized Ronaldo’s shift in content, and the subsequent drop in viewership, despite Cloakzy and TimTheTatman trying to hold him back from the comments.

Ninja mocks Ronaldo viewership

It’s not exactly clear what prompted Ninja to make the remarks, with both Cloakzy and Tim also taken aback by the comments.

Ninja said that Ronaldo is “literally 1/20th of our following” and “completely irrelevant,” before saying he had “failed miserably” at being an IRL streamer.

He also said that Ronaldo should return to competitive Fortnite, but that he is “washed.” He also mocked his viewership dipping to the low thousands.

StableRonaldo fires back at Ninja

Despite admitting to being a fan of Ninja, even during the H1Z1 days, Ronaldo did not hold back in his response.

Ronaldo revealed that he turned down a lucrative, $18,000-a-month deal, to move to Facebook Gaming, to stay loyal to his community on Twitch. He then turned this on Ninja, who famously moved to Mixer in a multi-million dollar deal.

“You sold out. Said f**k all your viewers, f**k your community, and sold out for $50 million on a dead f**king platform, because all you give a f**k [about] is money. That’s why you’re projecting on me, because you’re a little b*tch.”

“All you care about is money. That’s why I decided to get out of Fortnite, because I don’t give a f**k about that, my community hated when I played it. But you know you need to latch yourself onto that f**king game, because you know when you try not to, it don’t go your way.”

Ninja apologizes for his comments

Other streamers have also criticized Ninja was his seemingly out-of-nowhere criticism of Ronaldo.

Fellow FaZe member Kaysan said “you’re corny asf and weird […] Sh*t was uncalled for. Lay off the liquor washed up old man.”

Privately, Ninja reached out to Ronaldo to apologize in DM’s, but Ronaldo was less than receptive.

Ninja said that despite his comments, Ronaldo is a “great streamer and content creator,” which he took issue with.

As the drama cooled down, Ronaldo tweeted, “Appreciate the support from everyone and all the streamers reaching out and on stream, moving forward.”

Ninja is yet to respond to the controversy publicly, but has tweeted that Tim “un-invited” him from Dinner later in the day, “rightfully so.”