Tfue mocks FaZe Diggy as “dogsh*t” after Fortnite Winter Royale

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Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney decided to put a spin on FaZe Clan’s Kolbe ‘Diggy’ Cordon’s in-game tag to deliver a roast on him being pipped to a win in the Winter Royale event.

Even though he hasn’t had the success in competitive Fortnite that he may have liked, Tfue is still undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the scene. His streams, be they tournaments, practices, or just him taking on public matches attract thousands of viewers each and every time. 

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With the Winter Royale in full-swing, Tenney has been trying out a different duo partner in the form of console player ‘Scoped’ instead of linking back up with Dennis ‘cloak’ Lepore, with who he played with as a part of FaZe Clan.

Twitch: TfueTwitch: Tfue
Tfue broke away from FaZe following the very public spat over his contract.

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With Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe still ongoing, the Fortnite pro hasn’t been averse to taking subtle jabs at the organization ever since their first falling out back in late May.

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While he may have kept things low key more recently, he has taken shots towards players who are still under the FaZe umbrella – including fellow Fortnite professional Diggy. After Diggy and his duo ‘Marz finished second in a Winter Royale match-up, Tfue expressed his joy that they had failed to win, by putting a twist on their name.

“I’m glad that Kree and Bucke won over f**king Doggy and  f**king Marz dude. Those kids are dog (s**t),” he said. “Bruno Mars and Doggy.”

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Some viewers may have pointed out that Tfue and his new duo partner managed to finish someway below the runners-up, finding themselves sat in tenth with 29 fewer points. 

The duo of Diggy and Marz have already impressed in the Winter Royale, getting a win under their belt on December 20 – beating out Tfue and Scoped in 8th.

Regardless , that won’t matter to Tfue as he seemed pretty pleased with his play on words and the dig at his former fellow FaZe member.

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He and Scoped will have their chance to make a mark on the Winter Roayle as there are still games to be played and cash to be won – especially if they can build on their early top-ten foundations.

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