How to warm yourself by the fireplace in the Winterfest Cabin Day 5 challenge

Epic Games

The day 5 Winterfest challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale is live, and for this one, you’ll simply need to warm up by the fireplace in the Winterfest cabin. If you’re not sure where this is though, we’ve got you covered.

The Winterfest daily challenges are this year’s version of the ’14 days of Fortnite’ event from 2018’s holiday season. Epic Games have stepped things up a bit this time though, with a new menu location to receive the challenges, and presents!

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Thankfully, for the Day 5 challenge on December 22, you won’t need to go far and low searching for anything, or even do damage to opponents with some obscure weapon.

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Use the fireplace at the Winterfest Cabin

The first step to completing this challenge is to head to the Winterfest cabin, under the Winterfest tab in the menu, where you’ll need to open the stocking to access the challenge itself.

Then, quite simply navigate to the crackshot and then click on the fireplace. In addition to completing the challenge, the fireplace will give extra XP or supercharged XP boosts.

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You can sit at the fire for some time, but eventually, you’ll reach a limit on the amount of XP you’ll receive.

Epic Games

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How to warm yourself by the fireplace at the Winterfest cabin:

  1. Log in to Fortnite
  2. Go to the Battle Royale section
  3. Head to the Winterfest tab – one to the right from the search for game menu
  4. Go into the cabin and retrieve challenge from stocking
  5. Click on the fire
  6. Wait for the challenge to pop as complete

As mentioned, this is the fifth daily challenge so far in the Winterfest 2019 event. For a full look at all the challenges, and the presents you’ll get, check out our full guide here.

Day 5 Winterfest challenge reward 

For the day 5 challenge, the reward is a backbling, specifically the 2020 Kickflip Festive Doggo style.

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Epic Games

With 11 more challenges to come in Winterfest, this is certainly the easiest one you’ll get, so make sure to make the most of it and claim the reward.

If you miss any of the challenges on their given day, don’t worry, as they will all remain available until January 7, when the event ends.

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