Tfue’s Fortnite World Cup qualifier match ruined by infamous cannon bug

Tfue - Twitch / Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale pro Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney has already qualified for the World Cup and it’s a good thing he has because one of his matches was completely wasted due to a bug.

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Any player or viewer of Fortnite Battle Royale knows the game has its fair share of bugs but some of them are more prevalent than others.

During a World Cup qualifying match on May 25, Tfue came across one of the more frustrating bugs in the game that led to an early exit in one of his matches and cost him valuable points.

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Epic GamesFortnite’s cannon have major issues.
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Fire away!

Tfue likes to land at the block for his drops for the World Cup and that hasn’t changed for this week. The Block changes up quite often so it’s not really ever something that you can rely on from week to week but he hasn’t let that stop him.

The current block features the cannons and there’s currently a bug that plagues them that can cause you to go in a different direction than what you expected when shot out of one.

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This bug reared its ugly head again at the worst possible time.

“Yo, there’s no way the fucking cannon just bugged,” he said. “That’s so unlucky.”

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For what it’s worth, he was able to laugh it off, likely due to the fact he had already wrapped up a spot in the World Cup.

This was the first World Cup stream and just his second stream overall since filing the lawsuit against FaZe Clan

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All mention of the esports organization has been removed from his stream, including the camera overlay and team on his Twitch account.

The situation is far from over but Tfue doesn’t appear to be letting it affect his streaming ability.